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7-types-of-car-accidents-you-should-know-about Michael Babboni Mar/08/2016 Michael Babboni

7 Types Of Car Accidents You Should Know About

Car accidents are much more common than we would like to admit. They can happen anywhere at any time and for a various amount of reasons. In fact, there are even different kinds of car accidents with their own dangers and causes. Here are a few you...

5-ways-to-recover-from-car-accident-anxiety Michael Babboni Feb/29/2016 Michael Babboni

5 Ways To Recover From Car Accident Anxiety

Car accidents are the last thing that drivers want to think about. The reality though is that those accidents are rare, they do happen. Like traffic jams and highways, they are just one of the realities of modern transportation. However, for some a...

teenage-drivers-and-car-accidents Michael Babboni Feb/18/2016 Michael Babboni

Teenage Drivers And Car Accidents

It is understandable that parents’ of teenage drivers would worry about their safety. Parents are always supposed to be concern about the safety of their children even before their birth. That aside, it doesn’t take much to find current news about sa...

the-basics-of-rear-end-car-accidents Michael Babboni Feb/17/2016 Michael Babboni

The Basics Of Rear-End Car Accidents

According to the National Safety Council, each year there are around 6 million car accidents. Furthermore, rear-end car accidents make up for 2.5 million of those accidents. With these accidents being so common, we thought you should know some of the...

gathering-evidence-after-a-car-accident Michael Babboni Feb/16/2016 Michael Babboni

Gathering Evidence After A Car Accident

Having the right evidence that can make all the difference in the outcome of your car accident case. After a car accident, you want to do your best to build your case for an insurance claim or injury lawsuit. The more documentation and evidence you h...

what-you-should-know-about-open-wounds Michael Babboni Feb/15/2016 Michael Babboni

What You Should Know About Open Wounds

An open wound is an injury an external or internal break in body tissue often involving the skin. Nearly everyone experiences an open wound at some point in their lives. Luckily most open wounds are minor and can be treated at home. The most common...

what-you-should-know-about-depression Michael Babboni Feb/10/2016 Michael Babboni

What You Should Know About Depression

Depression is something that many take lightly and isn’t given as much importance as it should. Unlike physical ailments, mental illness is often not seen as something serious or causes those with it to be labeled as “crazy”. However, it is very much...

7-tips-for-driving-in-fog Michael Babboni Feb/09/2016 Michael Babboni

7 Tips For Driving In Fog

Driving in a fog can be one of the most dangerous weather hazards to drive in, especially if it is exceptionally dense fog or combined with sever other adverse weather conditions. In fact, foggy conditions are the number one cause of large multi car...

the-dangers-of-eating-and-driving Michael Babboni Feb/08/2016 Michael Babboni

The Dangers Of Eating And Driving

Eating is one of the worst forms of distracted driving! Yet during a study of 1,000 drivers found that over 70 percent of drivers admit to eating while behind the wheel and 83 percent admit to drink beverages while they drive. Furthermore, a study d...

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