What To Avoid: Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Many lives are lost every day due to car accidents. In the United States alone, the average number of auto accidents is six million per year. These accidents lead to around three million injured people annually and more than 90 deaths daily. Many people are affected due to these incidents.

Causes of Car Accidents

Preventing someone from causing a car accident may not be possible. However, one can help reduce the possibility of it occurring by educating oneself and practicing safety precautions. One way of doing this is to understand the common causes of auto accidents. With this knowledge, one can make educated decisions and identify the signs.

  • Distracted driving causes many auto accidents. When you are driving, you need your concentration. One simple glance in the wrong way can lead to a disastrous event. What many do not know is that distracted driving does not only refer to having one’s total attention away from the road. There are many forms of distractions. Anything that diverts your attention from operating your car will result in distracted driving. In the state of Florida, distracted driving may result in non-moving or moving traffic violations. Here are the types of distractions you need to be aware of:

  • General cognitive distraction or not being alert
  • Using one’s phone
  • Outside factors
  • Passengers
  • Eating or drinking
  • Adjusting the car’s airconditioner
  • Tuning the radio

  • Another common cause of car accidents is driving under the influence. It does not matter if it is drugs or alcohol. Both can lead to danger. Using such products can alter one’s mind and affect a person’s ability to stay alert. As a precaution, it will be best not to drive if you have done recreational activities that involve the intake of drugs or alcohol. Even a little amount can put you at risk. If you also notice a driver who is behaving erratically, the wise thing to do is to avoid them.

  • Speeding is dangerous. The law sets a speed limit for a reason. A driver going above the limit will put everyone in the car as well as pedestrians at a disadvantage. Additionally, you will not have enough time to stop or avoid a collision if you are speeding. Be aware of speed limits and follow them.

  • Many problematic practices fall under reckless driving. Reasons vary depending on the situation of the driver. You also have to remember that reckless driving is not a minor offense in Florida. It can lead to penalties, jail time, or probation. To determine reckless driving, you should watch out for any of the following:

  • Failure of the driver to scan the area for pedestrians
  • Being on the wrong lane
  • Improper passing
  • Going through a crowded area without enough regard for space

  • A driver that is showing road rage or aggressive behavior can
    harm people inside and outside of the vehicle. This incident is more common
    than what many people think. Many people can stop themselves from causing a
    scene. However, there are times when a person fails to control one’s emotions.
    Thus, it is best to recognize aggressive driving to avoid being in an accident
    that other people may cause. 

  • Cursing or yelling
  • Obscene gestures or throwing objects
  • Tailgating
  • Running red lights
  • Excessive speeding
  • Changing lanes excessively
  • Blocking other cars to prevent them from changing lanes
  • Pushing other drivers to go off the road
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Ramming

  • The condition of the road and the weather can also contribute to the possibility of having car accidents. Be aware of bumpy roads, potholes, and construction zones. Avoid circumstances that will make it difficult for you to drive, such as lack of visibility. If you think the condition of the road is dangerous, you can look for an alternate route. It will also be safer for you to choose not to drive if the weather is bad.

To Do

things are out of our control. Sometimes, you do everything in your power to
prevent getting into an accident but still end up being in one. After all, you
cannot control other people. If you become a victim of an auto accident, you have
to know where to go.

best bet will be to consult an expert. Find a professional with enough
experience. Contact an auto accident lawyer in your area. Knowledge can help
protect yourself from accidents, but having the right support can help you get
through one if you ever become a victim.