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what-qualifies-as-a-wrongful-death-lawsuit Michael Babboni Apr/12/2021 Michael Babboni

What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

When you have a loved one that passes unexpectedly, it can throw you through a whirlwind of emotions as you are left to deal with the final details and expenses while grieving for your loved one. If it was a wrongful death that was caused by the neg...

when-is-a-loss-of-life-a-wrongful-death Michael Babboni Nov/19/2020 Michael Babboni

When Is A Loss Of Life A Wrongful Death?

In one sense, death may be the only truly “fair” concept in human life because no one, not the most innocent child, or most powerful rich man, is exempt. Death applies to everyone equally, but for many people, when it happens and how it happens can b...

when-should-i-file-a-wrongful-death-suit Michael Babboni Nov/03/2020 Michael Babboni

When Should I File A Wrongful Death Suit?

There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing a loved one. This loss is even worse when their life was lost because of the negligent actions of another person. Although no amount of money can ever replace what you have lost, it can help you have th...

do-you-need-a-wrongful-death-lawyer Michael Babboni Apr/28/2020 Michael Babboni

Do You Need A Wrongful Death Lawyer?

The death of a family member is devastating. It can affect a person in every way. You have to cope with the situation and deal with your loss so you can move on with your life. Another thing that can add to your grief is if the death of your loved...

a-closer-look-at-wrongful-death-lawsuits Michael Babboni Oct/30/2019 Michael Babboni

A Closer Look At Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Few things are as difficult as losing a loved one. When it happens, it can leave the rest of the family struggling to pick up the pieces and move on, and nothing can ever truly fill the void that they leave behind. But in situations where the death w...

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