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how-solid-is-a-no-sue-clause Michael Babboni Sep/28/2017 Michael Babboni

How Solid Is A "No Sue" Clause?

One of the things that many leisure seekers notice in the 21st century is the abundance of contracts and waivers that some recreational activities require people to sign. The fact that these are documents, with your signature on them does indicate th...

florida-pip-insurance-challenged-by-lawmakers-again Michael Babboni Sep/27/2017 Michael Babboni

Florida PIP Insurance Challenged By Lawmakers Again

Insurance is something that is designed to protect those who have it, at least to some degree. But in Florida, motorists have long been dealing with a type of auto insurance that seems to be set up to work against them when they are injured in an acc...

top-5-things-to-avoid-after-an-auto-accident Michael Babboni Sep/26/2017 Michael Babboni

Top 5 Things To Avoid After An Auto Accident

When you're involved in an accident, it can be a whirlwind of emotions, stress, and steps that you feel like must be taken. Knowing what to do after an accident is important, and failing to take the right steps can often make it harder to reach a ful...

whats-financial-responsibility-suspension Michael Babboni Sep/25/2017 Michael Babboni

What’s Financial Responsibility Suspension?

One of the most basic obligations all Florida drivers—or any driver in the USA for that matter—learns is that having car insurance is not a luxury, it is a requirement. If you attempt to drive a car in the USA without having appropriate car insurance...

premises-liability-covers-a-lot-of-ground Michael Babboni Sep/21/2017 Michael Babboni

Premises Liability Covers A Lot Of Ground

For better or for worse, when it comes to car accidents and the injuries incurred, there’s a certain kind of brutal simplicity at work. Vehicles in motion impact with other vehicles or objects on or off-road, and the injuries are assessed, the fault...

poor-lighting-can-end-up-in-court Michael Babboni Sep/18/2017 Michael Babboni

Poor Lighting Can End Up In Court

Lighting is one of those things that most people in 21st century America take for granted. In our own homes, we can bring lights up with the flip of a switch. In public spaces, it’s always on, especially in the evenings, allowing us to carry on with...

take-no-chances-with-your-firearms Michael Babboni Sep/14/2017 Michael Babboni

Take No Chances With Your Firearms

The Constitution protects the right of every American to own and use a firearm for protection, defense, and even for hunting, either for sport or survival. It’s a right that many Americans treasure and exercise, and any professional lawyer would be p...

binding-arbitration-and-your-personal-injury Michael Babboni Sep/12/2017 Michael Babboni

Binding Arbitration And Your Personal Injury

When you're injured in an accident, one of the biggest challenges will often be figuring out just how to go about making a full recovery. Visiting medical professionals can obviously help you heal physically, but what about financial recovery? Seekin...

why-is-getting-rid-of-pip-a-bad-thing Michael Babboni Sep/07/2017 Michael Babboni

Why Is Getting Rid Of PIP A Bad Thing?

Earlier in the year, in the month of May, another attempt by Florida legislature to repeal and replace PIP failed. PIP stands for the Florida Personal Injury Protection Law, and for drivers who live and work in this state, it’s a familiar component o...

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