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We're fully aware of just how varied the personal injury field can be, and have successfully represented countless clients seeking compensation for wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries, and much more. In short, we can help with any kind of personal injury case that you might be facing.

Texting And Driving Laws Might Get Tougher In Florida

Texting And Driving Laws Might Get Tougher In Florida There’s good news and there’s bad news. For people who like to feel safe while driving, knowing that other drivers are being as safe as they can be; it’s good news. For the people who like to text while driving and continue to be distracted behind the wheel, it’s not-so-good. As Florida legislature looks to bolster laws regarding texting and driving, its news that everyone should be aware of. It Can Wait There is no shortage of stories that can be found when it comes to examples of texting and driving. Some people just linger longer at a traffic signal when the light turns from red to green as they text their BFF that they’re running late. Some might reduce their speed to a crawl as they check the latest tweet from their favorite celebrity, and some might swerve in and out of traffic as they text a quick bit of gossip that just can’t wait the extra seven minutes. Others, however, find that the words “on my way” are the last words to ever come from their fingertips. Texting while driving has caused... ...read full post

The Chase Is On: How Innocent Bystanders Get Injured

The Chase Is On: How Innocent Bystanders Get Injured People who commit crimes often believe that they will get away with it if they can evade, or outrun, those in law enforcement. Sometimes, the word outrun takes on a literal meaning. By now you’ve likely heard of, or seen footage of, at least one police chase that has occurred in our country. As the person-of-interest tries to escape in their vehicle, the police follow in hot pursuit to capture those who are thought to have committed a crime. When it comes to bringing a suspect to justice, there are often no boundaries. Off Road Pursuits Though it is often where they begin, police chases are not restricted to roadways. The vehicles involved in the chase, from the perpetrator to the police officer, can end up on the sidewalk or in someone’s front yard. One high-speed chase in upstate New York plowed through a small golf course, causing damage to the greens. Thankfully, none of the golfers were injured, though many had quite the story to tell at home that evening. Unfortunately, some folks don’t always make it home with a story to tell. Accidental... ...read full post

A Sudden And Unexpected Accident Could Leave Loved Ones In Need Of A Wrongful Death Attorney

A Sudden And Unexpected Accident Could Leave Loved Ones In Need Of A Wrongful Death AttorneyLosing a loved one is never the most straightforward task to deal with, and when another party is to blame for the death, it becomes even more difficult. Aside from the common emotions associated with mourning, new feelings are thrust into the spotlight, and confusion is often the result. It is possible for family members to be upset and angry, which no one holds against them, but instead of acting out violently, contact the St Pete lawyer to put the law on your side and fight the good fight legally. Even if the other party is found not guilty on criminal charges, you may still be awarded compensation for the death. One case that meets these specs in particular, which most people have heard of, is the one brought upon OJ. Simpson in the 90s. Many people remember their television shows becoming interrupted while a high-speed chase involving a white Ford Bronco took place. Of course, the football star, and actor was on the inside of the vehicle, supposedly running away from the police due to... ...read full post

When Man’s Best Friend Becomes Unfriendly

When Man’s Best Friend Becomes Unfriendly Dogs are man’s best friend. They are furry companions who offer unconditional love and support to their owners without asking much more than love (and food) in return. These days, dogs seem to be everywhere, from airplanes to grocery stores. While this can be a beneficial thing for those who need their dogs to get around, it can be a dangerous thing for those whose dogs are not trained for such public outings. There is a difference between the family pet and a dog who has had extensive training to be certified as a therapy dog. Trained dogs are common helpers to those who are visually impaired, or have another type of need. They have gone through the proper certifications and they are often well-behaved and seen as safe. Every Dog Is Different Just as every person is different, so is every dog. Those who are not properly trained might not be comfortable with these public outings, and even those who are can get a case of the jitters when exposed to unfamiliar sights or sounds. Even the best behaved dog can nip at an unfamiliar hand that... ...read full post

Examples Of Wrongful Deaths Associated With Defective Products

Examples Of Wrongful Deaths Associated With Defective ProductsWhenever a consumer purchases an item they assume that the product is safe, and that it will add convenience to their life. However, what they do not expect is for an injury, or death, to be the result of using the merchandise. Manufacturers take on the responsibility of making sure that their goods are ready for consumers on the open market, and not all defects are due to negligence. Sometimes, these malfunctioning products just do not get pulled from the store shelves quickly enough. Still, product liability refers to the manufacturer being held liable for the consumer receiving the defective goods. If you, or a loved one, have sustained an injury from one of these devices, contact our office at 727-381-9200 to schedule a free case review. Our attorney will perform an in-depth consultation with you, and if it is determined that there are grounds for the wrongful death or personal injury case, they will get to work formulating a plan that has the best chance at winning results. Defective Product Examples That Cause Wrongful Deaths There are a lot of moving parts that are essential for... ...read full post

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