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Our law firm is focused on one thing and one thing only – personal injury law. This intense focus has allowed us to become experts in the field, and we offer representation for legal cases involving accidents of all kinds including:

  • Personal Injury
  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Boat accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Insurance disputes
  • Negligent actions
  • Workplace injuries
  • Pedestrian Accidents

We're fully aware of just how varied the personal injury field can be, and have successfully represented countless clients seeking compensation for wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries, and much more. In short, we can help with any kind of personal injury case that you might be facing.

Is Rain A Factor In Car Accidents?

Is Rain A Factor In Car Accidents?No matter where in the world you go, one of the things that can affect the conditions of a road is the weather. For people that live in northern states, where snow can accumulate by a few feet, weather can be a severe enough during the winter season that schools may shut down as snowfall blocks roads or temperatures drop to dangerous levels. Fortunately, in Florida, we simply don’t get that kind of weather. But that doesn’t mean that weather is never a factor here. While we may not get winter storms, we certainly get times of the year when hurricanes are more likely to form at sea, and then hit the shore and our state. Even without hurricane conditions and the winds that come with them, plain old rain can sometimes be a big enough threat that it significantly raises the risk of a car accident on our roads. But how? Visibility This is mostly an issue during severe rainstorms, for people that are unfortunate enough to have to be driving as they occur. Very bad rainstorms can, in their own way, be just as bad... ...read full post

How Do You Prove Liability?

How Do You Prove Liability?Going to court for a lawsuit means that you and your accident lawyer are trying to prove that liability—or fault—rests with the person or company being sued. If you succeed in your lawsuit, it means that a judge or jury has agreed with your argument that your injury was the result of the someone else’s negligence, that is to say, dereliction of duty or responsibility, and thus, you are owed financial compensation by the negligent party. So how does liability get assigned? What does it take to convince a judge or jury that you are right? We’re going to go into some of the factors that can help to prove liability. Evidence Is Everything The biggest factor for proving liability is the existence of evidence. Evidence is usually physical factors surrounding the incident that can be analyzed or examined to verify claims that are made. In some cases, the evidence may be so strong and unquestionable that a liable party will opt to settle out of court because it’s a foregone conclusion that fault will be assigned due to the strength of the evidence. Some of the most compelling types... ...read full post

New Auto Recall Search Tool Has Been Revealed

New Auto Recall Search Tool Has Been RevealedAuto recalls typically occur when the manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines that a specific car model has a defect that can affect the overall safety of the vehicle and has been deemed as not compliant with the federal safety standard. You can visit the NHTSA website with your vehicle's VIN to check for any auto recalls for your particular make and model. The VIN search tool covers all vehicle safety recalls that are incomplete, those recalls conducted over the past fifteen calendar years, and any vehicle safety recalls that were conducted by major automakers and manufacturers. Where is the VIN Located? You can find the VIN for your vehicle by looking in the lower left-hand corner of your vehicle's windshield. It is a 17-character number that identifies your current vehicle. You can also find the number on the car's registration, and it is also sometimes included on your insurance card. What VIN Searches Don't Find While VIN searches can determine a number of things as already mentioned, there are several more that this type of search cannot identify including any completed... ...read full post

When Should You Get A Personal Injury Attorney?

When Should You Get A Personal Injury Attorney?Under ordinary circumstances, a day in court is something that most people in Florida don’t see, and most hope to not see it. A court case means something drastic has happened, perhaps a criminal charge, a custody battle during a divorce, or, in some cases, a lawsuit. None of these things are pleasant affairs, but all of them are necessary if there’s a dispute and it’s up to the law, be it a judge, or a jury, to step in and provide a conclusive resolution. So when it comes to a court case for personal injury, things are just as serious. You may be owed money, or you may be entitled to some kind of financial compensation as a result of something that happened to you. But at what point do you know you should talk to a personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg? What conditions need to be present before this becomes viable? Here are a few of the factors you should be keeping an eye on. An Injury Has Been Sustained This seems like a no-brainer, but there are subtleties to it that may surprise... ...read full post

The Top Car Accident Causes In Florida

The Top Car Accident Causes In FloridaUnlike many other states in the country, Florida gets the benefit of incredibly mild winters, with pleasant sun, and no snow. As a result, we not only have a lot of heavy traffic throughout the year, including motorcycles that may be put away in other states during the winter season, we get huge year-round visitors as well. That means our roads are much busier than other states, on average, both regarding traffic, and, unfortunately, traffic accidents. So with so many cars on the road on any given day, what are types of accidents that are the most common here? Here’s what you should be keeping an eye out for when you’re on the road. Single Vehicle Accidents This type of accident is where a vehicle loses control in some fashion, and may even end up off the road, hitting something else, such as a tree, going into a ditch, or, in some extreme cases, even crashing through a home. In most cases of a single vehicle crash, because no other vehicle is involved, there are higher odds that the driver him or herself may be at fault, but... ...read full post

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