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Our law firm is focused on one thing and one thing only – personal injury law. This intense focus has allowed us to become experts in the field, and we offer representation for legal cases involving accidents of all kinds including:

  • Personal Injury
  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Boat accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Insurance disputes
  • Negligent actions
  • Workplace injuries
  • Pedestrian Accidents

We're fully aware of just how varied the personal injury field can be, and have successfully represented countless clients seeking compensation for wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries, and much more. In short, we can help with any kind of personal injury case that you might be facing.

How To Make Your Motorcycling More Visible

How To Make Your Motorcycling More VisibleFlorida, for obvious reasons, is one of the most popular states in the country in which to own and ride a motorcycle. Our mild, year round weather, as well as some spectacular, scenic driving routes, such as going down to the Keys, means that Florida is one of the few parts of the USA where using a motorcycle is practical all year round. Unfortunately, because there more motorcyclists on the road, and all year round, this also means that Florida also has one of the highest rates of motorcycle accidents in the country. Accidents with motorcycles tend to be much more serious than accidents between two cars, because a motorcyclist lacks much of the protection of a driver. Aside from a helmet—which isn’t even legally required for adults—there’s very little in a motorcycle that compares to airbags, roll cages, seatbelts and other car safety mechanisms. It’s also important to note that the reason motorcycle accidents occur is most commonly associated with visibility. The majority of motorists, when questioned about why a collision with a motorcyclist took place, often say that they simply didn’t see the motorcyclist, and... ...read full post

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?The goal of insurance, like any law, or business, is, in theory, about a win-win situation between the organization and the customers or clients. An auto repair garage, for example, accepts the money of a customer with a broken car, with the understanding that in exchange for this money, the car will be repaired. In the case of an insurance company, such as a car insurance company, or a health insurance company, money changes hands not for a specific service, but in case of emergency. With insurance, the understanding is that a customer will pay a certain amount of money every month, a premium, with the hope that the money will never be required. However, should a person—with car insurance, for example—get into an accident in which a car is damaged, then the insurance company will cover the repairs, as part of the agreement for the policyholder paying all that money every month. For the holder of a health, medical, or even life insurance policy, it is the same thing; in event that an injury or death occurs, the money that went into the policy every month will... ...read full post

Hit & Runs Are Rising

Hit & Runs Are RisingA “hit and run” is a very specific type of vehicular accident where a driver strikes another driver, cyclist, or even pedestrian, and rather than doing the right and legal thing of remaining at the accident, flees the scene. On a national level, statistics are now indicating, tragically, that unlike drunk driving, or even smoking ciga-rettes—which are both national trends moving downwards—hit and run incidents are actually increasing in the USA. Perhaps more alarmingly, Florida is one of the top three states in which hit and run accidents occur. Unfortunately, as with the national trend, Florida’s own rates of hit and run incidents look set to increase, not decrease with the passing of time. But why? Why are hit and run rates rising instead of falling? Distracted Driving Even as drunk driving incidents are thankfully dropping, a new danger has arisen, and that is the smartphone. Smartphones are not drugs, or alcohol, and if you’re using a smartphone, you can easily pass any blood or breathalyzer test and be legally declared sober. However, that very safety net has also created a lot of false confidence. Because smartphones are so easy to... ...read full post

Emotional Distress & Lawsuits

Emotional Distress & LawsuitsAsk any techno-literate, 21st century American about the proliferation of social media like Facebook and Twitter, and many people will give you mixed reactions. While it’s clearly acknowledged that social media can broaden exposure to many different points of view, allowing us to see and interact with others, it can also cause a lot argument, disagreement and, in some cases outright hostility. It’s one of the reasons why many Americans are now trying to “cut down” on the amount of social media they consume, in order to remove an extra, significant source of stress from their lives. But for some, this is unavoidable. That’s why it’s very interesting to see that in late September of this year, one former employee of Facebook actually took the social media giant to court. In this case, the ex-employee is suing for emotional distress and the reason? Working as a content moderator exposed the employee to a continual stream of racism, sexism, child abuse, rape, torture, bestiality, suicide, and murder in the form of text, pictures, and even video, some recorded, and some live. Facebook actually employees something in the number of 7500 content reviewers... ...read full post

Easy Ways To Help Your Attorney During A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Easy Ways To Help Your Attorney During A Personal Injury LawsuitThose hurt in an accident in Florida do have rights. Insurance policies often don’t fully cover the true expenses associated with an accident, and instead of being left struggling to pay your bills it's far better to contact a personal injury attorney and let them fight for your rights - getting you the compensation you need to get back on your feet and continue your life after an accident. An attorney can offer numerous benefits when you're trying to get what you're owed, and their experience will be one of the biggest factors in making sure that you make a full financial recovery. But what many injured people don’t' realize is that there are numerous things you can do to help our attorney. Even if you haven't chosen your personal injury lawyer yet, keeping a few key points in mind can dramatically improve your chances of getting a fair amount of compensation. With that in mind, here's a rundown of some of the main things you can do to help your attorney get you what you're really owed. • Seek Medical Attention -... ...read full post

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