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Our law firm is focused on one thing and one thing only – personal injury law. This intense focus has allowed us to become experts in the field, and we offer representation for legal cases involving accidents of all kinds including:

  • Personal Injury
  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Boat accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Insurance disputes
  • Negligent actions
  • Workplace injuries
  • Pedestrian Accidents

We're fully aware of just how varied the personal injury field can be, and have successfully represented countless clients seeking compensation for wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries, and much more. In short, we can help with any kind of personal injury case that you might be facing.

Your Options After An Accidental Death Of A Loved One

Your Options After An Accidental Death Of A Loved OneLosing a loved one is never easy. It can not only leave you struggling to make sense of the loss, but unsure of even what to do after they’re gone. And when the death was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else, things are even worse. Making things even more difficult is the fact that losing a loved one also leaves you with a large financial burden that you have to carry. You’ll end up with medical bills, funeral costs, and even a huge struggle to pay for the bills that the deceased’s income helped with. Knowing your options after losing someone is important. What Is Wrongful Death? Wrongful death is a term that refers to any death that shouldn’t have happened – that was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else. Examples include deaths caused by things like shoddy workplace safety measures, drunk driving, and more. When a loved one passes away due to recklessness or negligence, those left behind will have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida and get justice for their loved ones... ...read full post

Will Your Case Go To Trial?

Will Your Case Go To Trial?When you’re hurt in an accident your entire life can be changed in an instant. Suddenly, you’re no longer physically healthy and financially stable – you’re facing a long road to physical recovery due to injuries, and mounting debt and bills from the hospital and the fact that you’ve missed work. That’s why filing a personal injury lawsuit is so important. It can help you get back on stable ground financially and ensure that you’re able to move on after an accident. But, it’s not always easy to get what you’re owed and it’s far too common to face an uphill battle getting restitution – which is why filing a personal injury lawsuit is often needed. A Struggle For Justice A personal injury lawsuit is often the last thing you want to do when hurt, but it’s necessary in most instances for one reason – a lack of respect. The insurance companies and legal teams for the other side know that your resources are limited and that your understanding of the legal world is as well. Because of this, you’ll often get the runaround – be offered low settlement... ...read full post

Why A Personal Injury Lawsuit Is Often Needed After An Accident

Why A Personal Injury Lawsuit Is Often Needed After An AccidentAn accident can throw your life into chaos. The physical injuries, mental stress, and financial hardship it can lead to are all very difficult for anyone to overcome. Most people assume that when you’re involved in an accident, you file a claim with the insurance company and your finances are taken care of. But sadly, this isn’t the case – and often, a personal injury lawsuit is the only option for those who want to make a full recovery. The Problem With An Insurance Claim There are a couple of problems that can arise when filing a personal injury insurance claim after an accident. • Your claim may be outright denied, for some obscure reason • You may be offered a settlement amount that barely covers your expenses In either situation, the bottom line is that insurance companies are only looking out for themselves and their clients. They want to avoid paying out a dollar more than they have to, and even if you have a legitimate injury they will often do all that they can to avoid giving you anything. This means that those who are... ...read full post

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?When it comes to workers’ compensation disputes, Florida law required both parties in the dispute go through mediation before a claim can be presented to a judge. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has been utilized by the Florida court system to resolve disputes for over 30 years. ADR processes offer litigants court-connected opportunities to resolve their disputes without judicial intervention. Understanding Mediation Versus Arbitration Both Mediation and Arbitration are methods of ADR used to avoid litigation. Here are the differences between the two methods: • Mediation: In mediation, both parties are encouraged to work out a resolution. Mediation is an informal settlement conference with a mediator to guide the parties in arriving at a mutually agreeable solution. The mediator has no decision making power, only the two opposing parties can choose a resolution. • Arbitration: Arbitration is a more formal process where the mediator is usually a retired judge, senior lawyer or other professional. Both parties give testimony and are questioned. The mediator in arbitration can give a legally binding decision that both parties must follow. The Benefits Of Mediating In The State Of Florida There are many benefits of mediating your worker’s... ...read full post

The Pros And Cons Of Settling Your Personal Injury Claim Out Of Court

The Pros And Cons Of Settling Your Personal Injury Claim Out Of CourtNo one wants to go to trial, even the insurance companies. Trials for personal injury claims are expensive, drawn out, and very stressful. That is why the majority of cases are often settled out of court. While the decision to settle out of court relies on many factors, there are some pros and cons you need to know before choosing this route. Settling Out Of Court Has Its Advantages So let’s take a look at some of the advantages when the two parties agree to settle out of court: ● Less Stress: Having to testify in front of strangers, waiting months, often years for the process, and the details of your case becoming public can take its toll. ● Fewer Expenses: Expenses can really add up. Your trial may require testimony from expert witnesses, depositions, missed work, travel expenses and attorney fees. You may be better off financially if you choose to settle out of court. ● Time: Settlements take less time. When two parties are at odds and they cannot come to an agreement, a court case could drag on for years. ● Privacy:... ...read full post

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