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We're fully aware of just how varied the personal injury field can be, and have successfully represented countless clients seeking compensation for wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries, and much more. In short, we can help with any kind of personal injury case that you might be facing.

When Animals Attack

When Animals AttackAnimals can be sweet and loveable; often times, owners consider the family dog, cat, or other creature to be a part of the family. A furry family member, however well-loved, is still an animal that can be unpredictable and attack when least expected.   Beyond The Dogs   Dogs are the most common animal that you might identify with an animal attack, but they aren’t the only ones who can take a bite out of your fun. Most people recall the tragedy that occurred at one Disney World Resort when an alligator took the life of a small child. Alligators are considered to be wild animals, and it is difficult to hold anyone responsible when a wild animal attacks.   Responsible Parties   Those who are responsible can vary based on the animal and circumstances of the attack. They include, but are not limited to:   • Animal Owners • Animal keepers – such as kennels, shelters, or zoos • Property Owners – if the owner allowed a dangerous animal on their property • Landlords – if the landlord knew that a tenant owned a dangerous animal • Parents of Minors – if a person under the age of 18 owns the animal In the case... ...read full post

To Everything There Is A Season: FL Statute of Limitations

To Everything There Is A Season: FL Statute of LimitationsIt seems as though you can’t turn on the television these days without hearing about the latest scandals in the entertainment industry. The three little words that have accompanied these accusations and stories might just be the three most important words in any legal case: Statute of limitations.   Criminal Limitations   All states have statute of limitation laws. These laws pertain to both civil and criminal law and vary from state to state and scenario to scenario. The laws are in effect to ensure that legal actions take place within a reasonable time period. When it comes to criminal law, the statute of limitations can prevent the state from filing charges against a person after a lengthy amount of time has passed. For example, if you stole a few CD’s from a local record shop when you were a risk-taking teenager twenty-five years ago, the statute of limitation laws on shoplifting can prevent that incident from creeping into your life decades later and upending your world.   Civil Law And Personal Injuries   When it comes to civil law, the statute of limitations refer to the time limits for filing a personal... ...read full post

How Code Failure Can Lead To Injuries

How Code Failure Can Lead To InjuriesCommercial and residential properties in Florida must adhere to a set of building codes that ensure the facilities are safe for all who enter, or live on, the premises. When codes are violated, it can cost more than just a few dollars to fix the problem. When code violations cause injury, or worse, to another party, it can cost much more.   The Building Codes   The International Building Code (IBC) standards are followed by most property managers today. The codes ensure that building construction and maintenance stays safe for anyone who enters the property. Throughout the different jurisdictions in the state of Florida, separate departments are set up with inspectors who go out and inspect buildings on a regular basis. The inspectors rely on the code books that are used throughout the state. These codes are a matter of public record and can be found in the town hall, records building, or your city planning department.   Inspections And Violations   When a code inspector checks a building, they make sure that all structures and areas on the premises comply with all of the codes that are applicable. Any areas that do not... ...read full post

Hit & Run Penalties And What A Victim Should Do

Hit & Run Penalties And What A Victim Should DoHit and run accidents occur in the state of Florida more frequently than you might think. By definition, a hit and run accident is any accident in which the driver leaves the scene without stopping to provide contact information. A few examples of a hit and run include:   • A car hits a pedestrian and leaves the scene • A driver hits a parked car and drives away • A vehicle causes an accident with another vehicle and keeps driving   Sometimes, the results of a hit and run accident are minimal; property damage toanother vehicle such as a light scratch or a small dent that is barely visible. Sometimes, the results can include personal injuries or even a fatality. No matter how big or small the damage or injury, the law requires that any accident in the state of Florida be reported to the police. The Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act   On July 1, 2014, the penalties for hit and run drivers changed when the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act (section 316.027, Florida Statutes) was signed into Florida law. The law was created after Aaron Cohen, cyclist and father... ...read full post

Some DUI Culprits Blame It On The Bar

DUI? Blame It On the BarThere is nothing more devastating that an automobile accident that results in a severe injury or a fatality; unless the driver of the vehicle who caused the fatality was intoxicated. Driving Under The Influence In 2015, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) reported that there were 10, 265 people killed and another 290,000 injured in DUI accidents. That’s over 300,000 people who chose to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. Alcohol intoxication can: • Slow down your reflexes • Impair your knowledge of risk assessment • Weaken you decision making skills • Blur or double your vision • Cause confusion Though these symptoms should be enough to keep a driver from getting behind the wheel, many believe that they are cognizant enough to handle the drive. Unfortunately, the statistics show otherwise. Who Is Responsible For Their Actions Though it is each person’s responsibility to control their own actions, when it comes to driving while under the influence of alcohol, the laws in Florida can hold others accountable. Florida’s Dram Shop Laws can both protect and hold accountable those who serve alcohol to others. The Dram Shop law in Florida states that a bar, club,... ...read full post

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