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what-qualifies-as-a-wrongful-death-lawsuit Michael Babboni Apr/12/2021 Michael Babboni

What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

When you have a loved one that passes unexpectedly, it can throw you through a whirlwind of emotions as you are left to deal with the final details and expenses while grieving for your loved one. If it was a wrongful death that was caused by the neg...

how-to-prove-your-slip-and-fall-case Michael Babboni Mar/25/2021 Michael Babboni

How To Prove Your Slip And Fall Case

In the state of Florida, anyone who has experienced a slip and fall injury has four years from the time of their accident to file a lawsuit. In Florida slip and fall injury cases, comparative negligence will be considered in your case which will affe...

avoiding-slip-and-fall-accidents-in-florida Michael Babboni Mar/18/2021 Michael Babboni

Avoiding Slip And Fall Accidents In Florida

While the St. Petersburg area may not experience the same icy and snowy conditions as other parts of the country, that doesn’t mean we don’t have slip and fall risk areas of our own during the winter season. Slip and fall accidents are responsible fo...

unsafe-conditions-cause-accidents Michael Babboni Mar/11/2021 Michael Babboni

Unsafe Conditions Cause Accidents

Property owners are supposed to keep guests safe while visiting their properties. That not only includes friends and family members but licensees too. Nobody is saying they have to jump in front of others and take bullets for them. The situation is a...

can-a-workers-compensation-claim-be-reopened Michael Babboni Feb/11/2021 Michael Babboni

Can a Worker's Compensation Claim Be Reopened?

If you were injured on the job, you are probably familiar with the worker's compensation process. You have gone through the necessary steps, and your worker's compensation claim was closed. When this happens, you may think that you don't have the ri...

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