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texting-and-driving-in-florida Michael Babboni Dec/28/2017 Michael Babboni

Texting and Driving in Florida

Florida remains just one of four states that consider texting and driving to be only a secondary offense. Meaning, if law enforcement officers see you texting and driving, they cannot legally pull you over unless you are breaking another law as well....

steps-to-follow-after-an-automobile-accident Michael Babboni Dec/27/2017 Michael Babboni

Steps to Follow After an Automobile Accident

So, you have been involved in a car accident and suffered damage to your vehicle as well as injuries. You called the police to come out and file a police report and you have been treated for your injuries following your accident. What’s left to do?...

involved-in-a-slip-and-fall Michael Babboni Dec/26/2017 Michael Babboni

Involved in a Slip and Fall?

Slip and falls are personal injury cases in which a person slips or trips and is subsequently injured as a result on someone else’s property. A lot of the time, slip and fall cases are also categorized under premises liability claims because the acci...

how-a-lawyer-can-help-with-insurance-claims Michael Babboni Dec/25/2017 Michael Babboni

How A Lawyer Can Help with Insurance Claims

If you have recently been denied a claim through the insurance company but feel that you are entitled to a fair settlement, then an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer may be able to help you. How do you know when to call a lawyer? If you are experi...

are-you-entitled-to-compensation Michael Babboni Dec/21/2017 Michael Babboni

Are You Entitled to Compensation?

If you have recently been injured in a car accident and suffered damage to your property, then you may be entitled to compensation for the damages and injuries you have sustained.     Finding Fault   Sometimes it is clear who is at...

contact-an-auto-accident-lawyer-for-these-reasons Michael Babboni Dec/13/2017 Michael Babboni

Contact An Auto Accident Lawyer For These Reasons

Most people get up every morning and head off to work. Even if they hate their employer, they still trudge along each day providing reliable service. Some individuals do it to gain accolades like promotions, while others see working as a necessary ta...

always-read-the-fine-print Michael Babboni Dec/06/2017 Michael Babboni

Always Read The Fine Print

Contracts are a common part of doing business in America. Service contracts are especially common between leases, service agreements, and nondisclosure documents. Nowadays, there’s a contract for almost anything including recreational activities. The...

can-you-receive-compensation-for-a-dog-bite Michael Babboni Dec/05/2017 Michael Babboni

Can You Receive Compensation For A Dog Bite?

When you are bitten by someone else’s dog, your injuries can be very severe. Dog attacks are sadly common and account for our one third of all homeowners insurance claims. However, dog bite laws vary from state to state, making this a difficult claim...

everything-you-need-to-know-about-whiplash-injuries Michael Babboni Dec/04/2017 Michael Babboni

Everything You Need To Know About Whiplash Injuries

There are many serious injuries that can occur after an accident. One of the most common is the soft tissue injury whiplash. Sadly, many people underestimate the severity of this painful injury because of pop culture references that infer whiplash is...

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