Things People Should Avoid While Being Involved In A Personal Injury Case

Car crashes, dog bites, and numerous other types of accidents happen, worldwide, on a daily basis. Personal injury law covers a wide range of categories because people can sustain damages from almost anywhere, and at any time. Simple tasks such as going to a friend's house for a backyard barbecue can turn dangerous, especially if the property has not received appropriate upkeep over the years. Stepping onto a rickety, old apartment balcony or staircase can result in a slip and fall accident. The possibilities of how wounds can become inflicted are endless, but if a person is involved in a personal injury lawsuit, they should do their best to avoid doing certain things.

  • Do not talk about the claim with anyone other than your attorney.

This declaration includes sending out tweets, posts, and other social media statements. More and more lawyers, police, and insurance companies are looking at these accounts in an attempt to find something to discredit the claim. Unfortunately, this tactic works more often than one might think, so to achieve the best results for your case, just don't talk about injury matters. If you have an accident attorney on your side, all correspondences should go through them. On occasion, insurance representatives, or the other party's attorney may attempt to contact you directly. Politely decline to comment and give them your lawyer's phone number.

  • Avoid posting incriminating selfies online.

We are in the age of posting things on the internet, and many people start opening their favorite apps as soon as they wake up. It has never been easier to keep up with the lives of friends and family members, but these actions may also hurt the results of your claim. Due to the same methods of checking social media accounts, plaintiffs should wait, until after a settlement is reached, before putting certain things on display for the world to see. For instance, having whiplash and posting a skydiving pic is not the smartest of moves. The defendant's attorney can utilize this photo for discrediting the claim, which will likely result in no compensation becoming awarded for the damages.

  • Don't be less than truthful about injuries or how the wounds became inflicted.

Lies during legal proceedings are like oil and water, and the two just do not mix. It doesn't take long for false stories to unravel in a courtroom or arbitration setting. A personal injury attorney can be a plaintiff's best friend, but not giving them the truth, will lead to their entire plan being a bust. The Florida legal system allows people to receive compensation for their injuries, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Settlement amounts become determined by the severity of the damages, how they affect the victim's way of life, medical bills, and various other factors. Just tell the truth, and justice will prevail.

Feelings of isolation, anxiety, and even desperation are not uncommon after obtaining a severe injury. Medical bills pile up, which can get out of hand quickly. Necessities like groceries, electricity, and water become hard to pay, especially if a person is losing time away from work. The other firm will start throwing around low settlement numbers, which in many cases plaintiffs must accept, but only because they do not have another choice. If you are injured in an accident and believe that the negligent or reckless act of another party is to blame, don't hesitate to contact our office for a free case review. We have won various compensation sums for St. Petersburg clients over the years and will be more than happy to represent you too..