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alligator-attacks-in-florida-cause-growing-concern Michael Babboni Nov/12/2020 Michael Babboni

Alligator Attacks in Florida Cause Growing Concern

Several years ago, a two-year-old boy at a Disney World resort was killed in an alligator attack. The body of the boy was found after the alligator dragged him into the water. Disney is just one location in Florida that is home to a number of lakes a...

4-ways-to-make-your-swimming-pool-safer Michael Babboni Oct/27/2020 Michael Babboni

4 Ways To Make Your Swimming Pool Safer

Premises liability is when a property owner—whether residential or commercial—is legally and financially responsible for an injury that happens on their land. This occurs if that injury was preventable, but the property owner, seeing a risk, chose to...

are-liability-waivers-foolproof Michael Babboni Oct/21/2020 Michael Babboni

Are Liability Waivers Foolproof?

This means that whoever owns and manages a property—whether that is a homeowner or a commercial property owner—must take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of people who enter the property. For homeowners, this may mean putting up “beware of...

the-big-challenge-with-premises-liability-accidents Michael Babboni Aug/15/2019 Michael Babboni

The Big Challenge With Premises Liability Accidents

When you’re hurt in any kind of accident, finding your footing again can be tricky. After all, the accident will leave you injured physically as well as financially. Often, those who are hurt struggle to know just what to do. Making things even more...

summertime-slip-and-fall-accidents Michael Babboni Jul/09/2019 Michael Babboni

Summertime Slip And Fall Accidents

In Florida, slip and fall accidents are a major cause of injury for people of all ages. While many think of slip and fall accidents as something suffered mostly by the elderly, the truth of the matter is that no one is immune to slipping, falling, an...

injuries-commonly-associated-with-slip-and-falls Michael Babboni May/15/2019 Michael Babboni

Injuries Commonly Associated with Slip and Falls

Slip and falls are some of the most common personal injury cases there are; they often fall under the category of premises liability claims. Slip and fall is a term that is used for a case in which a person slips and falls and becomes injured on some...

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