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the-basics-of-florida-personal-injury-law Michael Babboni Jul/27/2020 Michael Babboni

The Basics Of Florida Personal Injury Law

You can find yourself facing a personal injury case when you least expect it. A trip to the grocery store, a walk down the sidewalk, or spending time at a friend’s or relative’s house can result in an accident at any time. While no person expects to...

how-likely-am-i-to-be-in-a-car-accident-in-florida Michael Babboni Jul/23/2020 Michael Babboni

How Likely Am I To Be In A Car Accident In Florida?

For most individuals, getting behind the wheel is something they simply do. Whether they’re going to work, running errands, picking up a friend, or dropping the kids off at school, they don’t think too much about the act of driving itself. They expec...

defective-products-like-these-could-leave-you-hurt Michael Babboni Jul/21/2020 Michael Babboni

Defective Products Like These Could Leave You Hurt

Everybody knows that getting behind the wheel of a car can be dangerous. However, many people don't give the matter much thought. Instead, they simply hop into their vehicles and travel from place to place. The majority of drivers utilize safe drivin...

car-versus-bicycle-accidents-can-be-devastating Michael Babboni Jul/20/2020 Michael Babboni

Car Versus Bicycle Accidents Can Be Devastating

There are always people in Florida traveling from one place to another in some form or fashion. For example, lots of folks drive vehicles and motorcycles from destination to destination. Meanwhile, there are also pedestrians walking and joggers going...

florida-bicycle-safety-for-the-summer Michael Babboni Jul/15/2020 Michael Babboni

Florida Bicycle Safety For The Summer

With summer here and people out and about enjoying the warm Florida sun while still social distancing, bike riding has become a favorite pastime for families looking for fresh air and sunshine. However, to keep ourselves away from harm at all times,...

understanding-floridas-serious-injury-threshold Michael Babboni Jul/13/2020 Michael Babboni

Understanding Florida's Serious Injury Threshold

If you have recently been involved in an accident, then you may be wondering how serious your injuries need to be before you can file an injury claim. Florida Statute 627.737 discusses the no-fault serious injury threshold within the state. This i...

is-it-dangerous-to-go-bicycle-riding-in-florida Michael Babboni Jul/02/2020 Michael Babboni

Is It Dangerous To Go Bicycle Riding In Florida?

Bicycles are a great form of transportation. Children can use them to travel between their homes, friends' houses, parks, and more. Many teens utilize bikes to get to school daily without worrying about being left by the bus. Adults are not afraid to...

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