Is An Insurance Company Trying To Give You The Runaround?

In most places across the nation, vehicle owners must obtain insurance coverage. As such, the majority of individuals pay premiums each month to ensure that they are protecting themselves as well as others who are out and about on the highways. However, anyone who has had to deal with an insurance company lately should know that those in the industry don't always play fair.

Even when there is no doubt that their clients are to blame for accidents, insurance companies go above and beyond to pay out the smallest compensation amount possible. Sometimes, the representatives even twist and distort facts to make it appear as if the victim was partially or fully at fault. With any luck, the claims won't hold any water, and the plaintiff will obtain the funds that they need in order to recover.

Don't Leave Your Case's Outcome In The Hands Of Fate

Because insurance companies usually try to take advantage of injured parties, it is best for people going through such situations to hire a personal injury attorney. Michael Babboni, also known as The St. Pete Lawyer, has been practicing law in Florida since 1987. He has successfully represented many injured citizens in that span of time, and he will gladly do the same for you. Mr. Babboni is prepared to go the extra distance, fighting on your behalf to recover compensation for any sustained damages.

Victims shouldn't have to be responsible for doctors' bills, surgery balances, medication costs, and more if they did nothing wrong, except for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So please don't hesitate to contact our office for a free case review. The St. Pete Lawyer and the rest of our team are here to help. Allow us to take on the heavy legal lifting, which, in turn, will allow you to concentrate on the most important thing: your health.

Never Sign Anything Before Your Attorney Has A Chance To Review It

A lot of insurers are beginning to include clauses within their documents that are meant to sign a person's right to compensation away. First of all, if you have a lawyer, never apply your signature to papers of any sort ahead of letting the legal professional review them. Such contracts usually do not stand up in a court of law. Still, if a letter with your John Hancock is entered into evidence, the proceedings can come to a screeching halt. It is easy enough to avoid such headaches when you have The St. Pete Lawyer on your side.

Make It A Point Not To Accept The First Settlement Offer

Insurers are tight when it comes to money. Many times, during the initial meeting, representatives like to throw low-ball settlement figures around. Accepting the amount at the time might seem like a good idea, but in reality, it will probably not be enough to cover the following:

• Lost Wages
• Current And/Or Future Medical Bills
• Therapy Appointments
• Property Damage

Our attorney is an excellent negotiator. He knows when insurance agencies are offering fair or unjust settlements. If for nothing else, work with a proven and reputable firm like ours to gain peace of mind in knowing that someone is watching your back.