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tips-to-prevent-pedestrian-injuries-in-st-pete Michael Babboni Feb/09/2023 Michael Babboni

Tips To Prevent Pedestrian Injuries In St. Pete

Plenty of people get around St. Petersburg as pedestrians. Some individuals strap shoes on their feet and walk to school or work. Meanwhile, others hit the pavement as a form of exercise. They walk/jog through neighborhoods, parks, and more to put th...

suv-rollover-risks-in-st-petersburg-auto-accidents Michael Babboni Feb/08/2023 Michael Babboni

SUV Rollover Risks in St Petersburg Auto Accidents

SUVs are a popular vehicle choice for many, especially a family. However, many of us look at them like any other vehicle on the roadways. But did you know that rollover SUV accidents are actually quite common and can result in significant damage? Co...

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