Tips To Prevent Pedestrian Injuries In St. Pete

Plenty of people get around St. Petersburg as pedestrians. Some individuals strap shoes on their feet and walk to school or work. Meanwhile, others hit the pavement as a form of exercise. They walk/jog through neighborhoods, parks, and more to put their steps in and get fit. The point is there are loads of pedestrians in our area.

Are you one of them? If so, good for you. Walking is great for you and the environment. However, not everything about being a pedestrian is all that spectacular. That's because, all too often, people get struck by negligent drivers. But please, don't merely take our word for it. Instead, look at these stats from the FLHSMV. In 2020, there were 8,117 pedestrian crashes across The Sunshine State.

These incidents accounted for 715 fatalities and also caused 1,265 incapacitating injuries. Plus, the events were responsible for a staggering number of other injuries at 4,815. The ailments pedestrians receive in crashes vary, but some of the common types include:

  • Fractured And Broken Bones

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Internal Organ Damage/Bleeding

  • Loss Of Limbs

Regardless of whether the outcome is an injury or death, the chances are you likely wish to avoid all incidents with cars while you're on foot. Unfortunately, that may not always be possible because you have to share the roads with others. But still, you owe it to yourself to try and remain safe, so use these tips to help with that.

Wear The Appropriate Footwear

Sometimes, pedestrians are responsible for their own injuries. They don't scout the weather and wear the appropriate footwear. Then, the next thing people know, they've slipped and fell. Now, they're seriously hurt. It probably isn't going to freeze in St. Petersburg. Therefore, ice and snow shouldn't be issues. However, rain can be problematic, leaving surfaces slick or muddy and sticky.

Thus, watch the news or check the app on your phone to see what's been happening in the weather before you go walking. Then, you'll know what to strap on your feet. It could be running shoes, rubber boots, or a different kind of footwear entirely. Just make sure it's what you need to combat the elements and have grip to keep your feet firmly on the ground. With any luck, that will ensure you remain upright and keep injuries at bay.

Always Assume Drivers Don't See You

Have you ever been walking with a buddy through a parking lot or intersection? You were a little cautious, but they simply walked on out there, even with cars coming. They probably then looked back at you and said something like, "What? They'll stop." In a perfect world, yes, drivers would always see pedestrians and avoid striking them, but this isn't a perfect world.

Motorists are only human, like the rest of us. They can get distracted by their phones, the radio, or daydreams. As such, simply walking out there could be a giant mistake because the driver might not even slow down, much less stop before hitting you. So, never assume vehicle operators see you by staying alert, wearing bright clothing if walking at night, and looking twice before crossing a street if necessary.

Be On The Lookout For Hidden Driveways

The last thing anyone needs is to get backed over by someone coming out of a hidden driveway, exit, or entrance. Yet, that's exactly what can happen if you aren't careful. For example, what if you're staring at a video on your screen and step right into the path of a work van leaving a concealed path. Had you been alert and not distracted, you might have avoided the painful incident.

Have you been injured in a pedestrian accident by a driver's negligence? You might be entitled to compensation for your damages if that's the case. Contact us to schedule a free evaluation with The St. Pete Lawyer today. He'll be happy to sit, discuss the matter, and help you determine how to proceed.