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can-a-road-be-at-fault-in-an-accident Michael Babboni May/14/2018 Michael Babboni

Can A Road Be At Fault In An Accident?

When an accident occurs on our Florida roads, almost invariably the investigation into trying to pinpoint the cause will look at human error first. This is the most common cause of accidents, whether it is someone texting on the phone while driving,...

what-you-say-in-an-accident-can-go-to-court Michael Babboni May/09/2018 Michael Babboni

What You Say In An Accident Can Go To Court

We now live in an age where the idea that anything we say casually is “lost in the wind” is not something that can be taken for granted. This is especially true during any kind of crisis or accident. The 21st century is a time when anyone with a smar...

a-motorcycle-helmet-can-affect-a-lawsuit Michael Babboni May/08/2018 Michael Babboni

A Motorcycle Helmet Can Affect A Lawsuit

When a traffic accident occurs, there’s always a chance that there may be injuries, since usually a vehicle moving at high speeds is often involved. But when it comes to motorcycles in traffic accidents, the odds of injuries—especially serious ones—g...

should-you-mediate-your-personal-injury-case Michael Babboni May/07/2018 Michael Babboni

Should You Mediate Your Personal Injury Case?

If you get into an accident where you sustain an injury, and you know that injury was not your fault, it’s only nat-ural to want to get compensation for this from the party that’s actually responsible. In the worst case scenarios, that other party wi...

what-is-attorney-client-privilege Michael Babboni May/02/2018 Michael Babboni

What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

One of the first things that you should always do if you find yourself facing a possible case in court is seek the advice and services of an experienced St. Pete lawyer. Unless you know a lot about law yourself, particularly the types of laws that re...

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