A Slip And Fall Accident Can Occur From More Than Just Spilled Water On A Store Aisle

Whenever a person hears the words slip and fall in the same sentence, a variety of different images likely pop into their head. One thought involves the Life Alert commercials, with the lady fallen and unable to get up, while the other is a person pouring liquid on a floor, laying down in the solution, and yelling for help. Personal injury law has gotten a bad rap over the years because of certain individuals trying to take advantage of the legal system, which is why a defendant's attorney works so diligently to discredit the claim. These types of acts make it harder for real victims to obtain compensation for their damages. However, putting a proven, professional lawyer on your side can be beneficial to the cause.

Slip and fall accidents are covered in Florida by premises liability. This phrase basically means that it has to be proven that the incident became caused by negligence or recklessness. As you might imagine, determining fault is not always the easiest of tasks. Think about the liquid on the floor example for a minute. If the manager and employees are unaware of the situation, the store may not be held responsible, but if the water was simply ignored, the organization partook in negligence. Contact our attorney at 727-381-9200 to discuss your legal options if you received damages from a slip and fall accident.


Ways People Can Trip That Don't Involve Liquids


Many of our houses will be filled from wall to wall with family and friends this holiday season. It is a good idea to start checking off those pesky items on that never-ending honey-do list. If there is a particular thing that you have meant to fix, but never got around to, it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. For instance, carpeting that is loose on a staircase is an accident just waiting to happen. Rather than heading upstairs to go to the bathroom, the rug can slide out from under a guest's foot, which will cause them to take quite a tumble. Minor bumps and bruises are possibilities, but so are traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, or broken bones.

Trash and toys scattered around the home, or yard, also increase a person's risk of falling. This time of year is hectic with the additions of shopping and celebrating on top of our already busy schedules, but it is important to set some time aside for cleaning before guests come over. Almost everyone has seen a cartoon character take a spill after zipping across the room on a skateboard. Of course, the figure gets up, dusts off their clothes, and continues going about their day. However, this is the real life where skin and bone do not mesh well with hard ground, pavement, or concrete. Landing just right, regardless of from what height, can result in loss of life, which can also lead to a lawsuit.

Construction debris or tools are items that should be put away as well. We understand that many people are still focused on their rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Irma, but avoid letting the situation become even worse by picking up the accident threats. Aside from the slip and fall implications, a child grabbing a nail gun, or saw, could turn the festive holiday occasion into a nightmare. If the area is still under construction, add a caution tape barrier around it to ensure that all of your guests remain safe and sound..