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why-dont-companies-like-going-to-trial Michael Babboni Apr/26/2017 Michael Babboni

Why Don’t Companies Like Going To Trial?

One of the things that people will often hear when legal battles or courtroom stories unfold is that a case reached an out of court settlement. That’s pretty easy to understand, and the phrase itself explains exactly what happened. The two parties th...

what-if-security-doesnt-do-their-job Michael Babboni Apr/19/2017 Michael Babboni

What If Security Doesn’t Do Their Job?

It may be perhaps one of the more nightmarish scenarios that a resident can experience, but unfortunately it does happen. Some people live in either neighborhoods or buildings which tout extra peace of mind because there are security guards on hand t...

can-you-sue-for-carpal-tunnel-syndrome Michael Babboni Apr/18/2017 Michael Babboni

Can You Sue For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

In the 21st century, a large amount of work has shifted over from working in dangerous environments, such as factories, to the relatively safe confines of offices. For people that live in cities, it’s pretty common to have a job in a retail, restaura...

bouncers-can-only-enforce-security-within-limits Michael Babboni Apr/06/2017 Michael Babboni

Bouncers Can Only Enforce Security Within Limits

One of the things that Florida is well known for is the night life in some our more lively cities. When the weather is warm, and the night is young, it’s natural for people all ages and persuasions to want to go out, meet some new people and have a g...

boating-accidents-have-their-own-hazards Michael Babboni Apr/04/2017 Michael Babboni

Boating Accidents Have Their Own Hazards

Florida has the great fortune to be one of the southernmost states in the country, and that means it enjoys warm, comfortable weather all year around. It also means that the seas surrounding the state never freeze, and this, combined with a lot of su...

can-you-sue-if-you-are-attacked-by-a-cat Michael Babboni Apr/03/2017 Michael Babboni

Can You Sue If You Are Attacked By A Cat?

Most of the time when we look at injuries in the home as the result of animals, and the possibility of a lawsuit, we normally talk about dogs. Dogs, after all, may be large, powerful, and in some cases even trained to guard properties and attack peop...

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