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Our firm is focused on one thing and one thing only – personal injury

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We're fully aware of just how varied the personal injury field can be, and have successfully represented countless clients seeking compensation for wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries, and much more. In short, we can help with any kind of personal injury case that you might be facing.

This intense focus has allowed us to become experts in the field, and we offer representation for legal cases involving accidents of all kinds including:

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Personal Injury

If you're injured in an accident that isn't your fault, seeking out compensation is an important step worth considering. If another party was at fault for your injuries, they could be held responsible for the costs associated with it.

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personal injury
Car Accidents

Auto accidents happen every day on Florida roads. With millions of residents and millions more visiting the state every day, it's simply unavoidable that accidents happen. Here at , Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez and Walsh we've seen firsthand just how much of an impact these accidents can have on those involved.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are commonly injured by the failure of drivers to yield right-of-way or that the drivers flat out do not see the motorcyclist. Often what would be just a fender-bender for cars or trucks can be a life-threatening and life-changing accident when a motorcyclist has been hit. Motorcyclist injured in accidents are often owed financial compensation for their injuries.

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Truck Accidents

Of all the accidents that can occur on our roads, those involving large commercial tractor-trailers are the most dangerous. Trucking accidents often end in fatalities or in serious injuries due to the size, speed, and weight of these trucks.

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Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall – also known as premises liability – is a specific type of accident that stems from trips, slips, falls, and other types of accidents that are caused by unsafe conditions on a job site or property. these accidents can lead to a number of injuries including many that are very serious, and as a result could lead to high medical bills and other financial hardships.

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