What Happens At An Auto Accident Deposition?

After a car accident, it’s important that you understand the basic legal process. Understanding the process can help you stay prepared and can give you confidence in the process. There are three general parts to a car accident case: Deposition, Media...

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what-is-it-with-things-catching-fire-today Michael Babboni Mar/09/2023 Michael Babboni

What Is It With Things Catching Fire Today?

It seems like every time you turn around, somebody, somewhere, is talking about a defective product. Maybe it's an airbag canister exploding, sending shrapnel throughout a vehicle's cab, or the issue could be the tread not curing properly and separat...

st-pete-ram-owners-beware-of-this-issue Michael Babboni Mar/06/2023 Michael Babboni

St. Pete RAM Owners: Beware Of This Issue

Most drivers have grown accustomed to seeing fender benders around St. Petersburg. That is unfortunate, but with so many motorists in one place, that's how things work out. Often, incidents on the likes of James Avenue South, Pinellas Trail, and Inte...