What Happens At An Auto Accident Deposition?

After a car accident, it’s important that you understand the basic legal process. Understanding the process can help you stay prepared and can give you confidence in the process. There are three general parts to a car accident case: Deposition, Media...

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dos-and-donts-after-a-slip-and-fall-accident Michael Babboni May/24/2022 Michael Babboni

Do’s And Don’ts After A Slip And Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents may happen anytime, anywhere. Immediately after an accident, you are probably in pain, embarrassed, and confused. During this time, you may be prone to make mistakes that could harm your injury claim before you even begin to w...

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Ways To Stay Safe On The St. Petersburg Streets

Getting behind the wheel of a car can be dangerous in the United States these days. After all, it would only take a slip up on your part, or the part of someone else, to cause a collision. According to research, at the end of the third quarter of 202...

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3-defective-products-that-should-be-on-your-radar Michael Babboni May/12/2022 Michael Babboni

3 Defective Products That Should Be On Your Radar

St. Petersburg consumers are similar to others around the country, and they run out to buy whatever they need at a moment's notice. Individuals typically take care of these ventures on the fly, but when big or splashy purchases enter the picture, tha...

could-your-bed-be-a-danger-to-you Michael Babboni May/05/2022 Michael Babboni

Could Your Bed Be A Danger To You?

Defective products come in many different shapes and sizes. Some don't do any damage to people or their homes. However, the same can't be said for others. Instead, the items catch homes and cars on fire depending on what's wrong with them. It also is...