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st-petersburg-motorhome-owners-beware Michael Babboni Jun/22/2022 Michael Babboni

St. Petersburg Motorhome Owners Beware

Do you live in the St. Petersburg area, and have you invested in a motorhome over the last few years? Perhaps the purchase happened not too long after the pandemic began. After all, anybody and everybody seemed to be running out and buying recreation...

is-there-a-kia-in-your-st-petersburg-driveway Michael Babboni Jun/16/2022 Michael Babboni

Is There A Kia In Your St. Petersburg Driveway?

The Kia brand has gained traction over the years. Now, you'd be hard-pressed not to see one driving next to you in St. Petersburg. Consumers here and everywhere are turning to these cars and SUVs to be their daily drivers. For one, the units are visu...

3-defective-products-that-should-be-on-your-radar Michael Babboni May/12/2022 Michael Babboni

3 Defective Products That Should Be On Your Radar

St. Petersburg consumers are similar to others around the country, and they run out to buy whatever they need at a moment's notice. Individuals typically take care of these ventures on the fly, but when big or splashy purchases enter the picture, tha...

could-your-bed-be-a-danger-to-you Michael Babboni May/05/2022 Michael Babboni

Could Your Bed Be A Danger To You?

Defective products come in many different shapes and sizes. Some don't do any damage to people or their homes. However, the same can't be said for others. Instead, the items catch homes and cars on fire depending on what's wrong with them. It also is...

ford-gearing-up-to-recall-180000-f-150-vehicles Michael Babboni Jan/17/2022 Michael Babboni

Ford Gearing Up To Recall 180,000 F-150 Vehicles

Ford made a huge announcement in the latter portion of December 2021 having to do with its ever popular F-150 pickup trucks. More than 180,000 F-150 trucks with model years 2021 and 2022 are being recalled due to drive shaft issues that may cause the...

consumer-alert-dewalt-wireless-earphones Michael Babboni Jan/05/2022 Michael Babboni

Consumer Alert: DeWalt Wireless Earphones

Defective products come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, one day, you might hear about an airbag canister problem. Perhaps the units don't deploy as intended. Or maybe they explode, sending shrapnel throughout the cabin. Then, the next thing yo...

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