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what-if-you-are-injured-by-a-tree Michael Babboni Apr/28/2016 Michael Babboni

What If You Are Injured By A Tree?

A tree is not something that most people would immediately recognize as a threat. After all, they don’t move, often provide pleasant shade during sunny days and, in some cases, bear delicious fruit that we all enjoy. But a tree in a human environment...

what-happens-if-a-drone-injures-you Michael Babboni Apr/27/2016 Michael Babboni

What Happens If A Drone Injures You?

The 21st century is filled with all kinds of impressive new technological wonders, from virtual reality to the Internet, but one of the most interesting—and potentially dangerous—developments is the rising public access to the drone. The drone was o...

what-if-an-accident-occurs-with-non-resident-driver Michael Babboni Apr/25/2016 Michael Babboni

What If An Accident Occurs With Non-Resident Driver?

Florida isn’t called “the sunshine state” for nothing, and is blessed with some of the mildest, most pleasant weather in all of America. That means that throughout the entire year, whether it is summer vacation, or Christmas holidays, there are alway...

distracted-driving-can-be-lethal Michael Babboni Apr/21/2016 Michael Babboni

Distracted Driving Can Be Lethal

Americans need to reassess their attitudes when it comes to their views on what constitutes safe and unsafe driving. If we, as public citizens, do not acknowledge how dangerous our on-road behavior has become, we are going to continue to be by victim...

can-non-citizens-file-personal-injury-lawsuits Michael Babboni Apr/20/2016 Michael Babboni

Can Non-Citizens File Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Here’s the short answer: yes. Throughout most of the United States, and most certainly in Florida, both US citizens and all foreign nationals regardless of immigration status have the ability to file personal injury lawsuits for all the usual reasons...

when-to-sue-over-defective-products Michael Babboni Apr/18/2016 Michael Babboni

When To Sue Over Defective Products

When it comes to dangerous product defects, American courts operate on a doctrine called “strict liability,” which means that a plaintiff doesn’t need to prove the manufacturer could have avoided the defect by being careful enough, but only that the...

the-strict-liability-distinction Michael Babboni Apr/14/2016 Michael Babboni

The Strict Liability Distinction

For the most part, personal injury cases are all about discovering who is at fault, or liable, for the injury in question. If the act is intentional and malicious, then finding fault is easy, and since malicious, harmful acts are usually illegal all...

what-is-tort-reform Michael Babboni Apr/12/2016 Michael Babboni

What Is Tort Reform?

A fair number of politicians at both the state and federal level like to use two words, “tort reform,” as the single best means to cure government overspending. However, considering that “tort” isn’t a commonly used word, it’s not always clear to the...

has-your-life-been-changed-forever-by-a-car-crash Michael Babboni Apr/05/2016 Michael Babboni

Has Your Life Been Changed Forever By A Car Crash?

Florida has close to 250,000 vehicle crashes every year. What is the most common cause? Careless driving; meaning that the driver was not paying attention to traffic, was impaired while driving, or many other things. A person's life can be changed fo...

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