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not-buckling-up-can-cost-you-in-st-petersburg Michael Babboni Mar/27/2023 Michael Babboni

Not Buckling Up Can Cost You In St. Petersburg

Seat belt laws didn’t come into play until the 1980’s and 1990’s across the United States, and before this time many drivers (and passengers) didn’t think twice about going unbuckled. Times have changed, however, and the safety power of the seatbelt...

is-your-st-pete-teen-ready-to-hit-the-road Michael Babboni Mar/23/2023 Michael Babboni

Is Your St. Pete Teen Ready To Hit The Road?

When St. Pete teens hit the magic age of 16 it’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time for young people and their parents. Parents want their teens to learn the responsibility that comes with growing up, but are they sure their soon to be young adults...

is-that-a-genesis-in-your-st-petersburg-driveway Michael Babboni Mar/22/2023 Michael Babboni

Is That A Genesis In Your St. Petersburg Driveway?

Hyundai introduced the Genesis to the world in 2008. However, in 2017, the brand spun off as a separate entity. Of course, these luxury cars are still somewhat new on the market. Hence, there may not be a ton of them where you live just yet. That doe...

how-big-is-st-petes-distracted-driving-problem Michael Babboni Mar/21/2023 Michael Babboni

How Big Is St. Pete’s Distracted Driving Problem?

In 2020, distracted driving played a role in 8% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States. In all accidents causing injury, 20% were caused by distracted driving, which amounts to over 400,000 injuries. This issue isn’t getting better...

what-is-it-with-things-catching-fire-today Michael Babboni Mar/09/2023 Michael Babboni

What Is It With Things Catching Fire Today?

It seems like every time you turn around, somebody, somewhere, is talking about a defective product. Maybe it's an airbag canister exploding, sending shrapnel throughout a vehicle's cab, or the issue could be the tread not curing properly and separat...

st-pete-ram-owners-beware-of-this-issue Michael Babboni Mar/06/2023 Michael Babboni

St. Pete RAM Owners: Beware Of This Issue

Most drivers have grown accustomed to seeing fender benders around St. Petersburg. That is unfortunate, but with so many motorists in one place, that's how things work out. Often, incidents on the likes of James Avenue South, Pinellas Trail, and Inte...

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