Work With A Lawyer To Hold A Drunk Driver Accountable For Their Actions

It is already 2020 right now, and yet, we are still talking about and dealing with people driving while under the influence of alcohol. This is despite all of the alternative ways one can choose to get home after a fun night out on the town. People can use rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft, hail taxis, ride buses, or even get friends to serve as designated drivers. It is of the utmost importance for individuals to avoid getting behind the wheel when they are inebriated. If they partake in drunk driving, lives can be changed forever, including their own.

Alcohol impairs one's judgment, senses, and reflexes. Thus, when a person attempts to operate a car while under the influence of the substance, they may speed, drift from lane to lane, or side-swipe another vehicle without realizing it. The individual could head the wrong way on a one-way street, hitting someone head-on without warning. They might not see a pedestrian walking in a crosswalk because of their blurred vision and end up striking them.

An inebriated soul may even drive right through a stop sign or a red light and T-bone a car in an intersection. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to drunk driving accidents. Victims in those incidents are sometimes left with severe injuries. They often involve issues such as:

• Burns And Lacerations
• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Paralysis

As if those issues weren't enough, there is still the worst outcome to expect: many people lose their lives in drunk driving accidents. This result is more common than most folks believe. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 10,511 deaths from drunk driving crashes in the United States in 2018 alone.

Obtain Compensation For Damages With An Auto Accident Lawyer

It is no secret that medical procedures, treatments, and medications have sky-high costs these days. They are challenging to pay for even when a person is working full-time. If an individual gets injured in a drunk driving accident, there is a great possibility that they will have to skip going to their job for a while. It can seem nearly impossible for them to cover the medical expenses and everything else when lost wages enter the picture.

Thankfully, Floridians don't have to experience such headaches and grief. Instead, they can hire a seasoned accident lawyer to prove that the intoxicated driver's negligence caused the event and their injuries. The legal professional will build a robust case via witness statements, police and hospital reports, driver histories, cell phone records, and other types of evidence. Then, providing that everything goes according to plan, the injured party will receive a settlement or judgment for compensation. Those funds can be just what the doctor ordered for offsetting out-of-pocket recovery expenses.

Surviving relatives who have lost loved ones in drunk driving accidents should not fret because an auto accident attorney might be able to help them recover compensation as well. Family members are supposed to be grieving their loss after one of their own passes away. However, vehicular incidents take people suddenly and unexpectedly. Then, the deceased individual's family has to worry about paying for the funeral, covering any medical costs left behind, and replacing the individual's lost income. Eliminate financial difficulties such as those by holding the responsible party accountable for their reckless actions. You can do so with the assistance of a reliable auto accident attorney..