3 Mistakes You Should Never Make After A Car Accident

Car accidents are a regular occurrence across the United States and can vary widely in terms of damage caused. Most accidents will often incur only minor damage to the vehicles involved, with minimal injuries sustained among all parties. Some accidents, however, result in more extensive damage and injuries, occasionally even fatal outcomes.

Regardless of the extent of the issues you and the other party involved in the collision have to deal with, there are certain actions you should and shouldn’t do to protect yourself and your best interests. Here are three things you should never do after a car accident.

Admitting To Guilt

Whether or not the accident was your fault, it is important to remember that you should never admit to guilt without consulting an auto accident attorney beforehand. No matter how obvious or blatant the situation may be, you can never be too sure if the accident was entirely your fault. As soon as the authorities arrive, remember to not say “I’m sorry,” “It was my fault,” or anything similar. Making this mistake alone can compromise your case if there is a chance to prove your innocence during the investigation.

Instead, as soon as you get into an accident, do not communicate with anyone until the authorities arrive. Once the police and the paramedics are there, cooperate with them and be as honest as you can without admitting to guilt in any way. While tensions are high after the accident, the other driver or the police may intimidate you into declaring your guilt. Do not fall for this, and let them know that you need to talk to your lawyer to discuss the incident.

Resorting To Road Rage

It’s already bad enough that you got into a car accident in the first place. If there’s anything we can promise, it’s that starting a verbal or physical altercation will not end well for you. Not only will you be exposing yourself to even more danger after experiencing a car accident, but you will also be giving the involved parties more reason to file a lawsuit against you.

Once you’re able to communicate with the involved drivers in the accident, do your best to remain calm and to not give in to your emotions. If they start threatening or hurting you before the police officers arrive, stay in your car and record the incident using your phone. The video footage will be useful in the investigation later on.

Making Decisions Without A Lawyer

Whether it’s admitting to guilt or settling for “one-time-only” offers with your insurance company, make sure you don’t agree to anything without consulting a lawyer first. Ideally, you should already have an auto accident lawyer or firm in your emergency contacts list.

If you don’t have a lawyer yet, hire one as soon as you visit the emergency room and secure your medical records. We highly recommend choosing a lawyer from a firm with a pristine reputation to make sure you’re working with only the best.

Acting carelessly following a car accident can cause you to lose out on the compensation you deserve. Act quickly, but always remember to calm yourself down and make rational decisions that will not put you at risk.

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