Florida Bicycle Safety For The Summer

With summer here and people out and about enjoying the warm Florida sun while still social distancing, bike riding has become a favorite pastime for families looking for fresh air and sunshine. However, to keep ourselves away from harm at all times, we have a few tips regarding Florida bicycle safety for the summer.

Some Summer Tips

In addition to making sure everyone in the family has the right gear, including an appropriately sized helmet, there are a few other things to remember as you set out for that summer bike ride.

The ABCs Of Safety

Before riding, take a quick assessment of your bike and gear.

• A – Check the air in the tires, and make sure they are at the right tire pressure.
• B – See to it that the brakes are working properly.
• C – Inspect the chains on the bike. The quick-release should be tight, and the chain should be lubed well and not rusty.

Proper Etiquette

When riding a bike, you need to ride with the flow of traffic and not against it as you would if you were walking. You also have to follow all of the posted safety signs and traffic laws. This means stopping at all red lights and stop signs.

If you are riding in the evening, make sure that your bike is outfitted with reflectors or cycling lights. Always keep to the right side of the road, and use hand signals whenever you are going to turn or merge.

Wear A Helmet

One of the most important pieces of safety gear to have on when you’re riding a bike is a good helmet. Avoid wearing a helmet that is too small or too big. It needs to fit snugly on your head; otherwise, it may be unsafe to use. You should also avoid wearing a helmet that is older and worn out. Even one small crack in it can significantly reduce its effectiveness.

Tie Your Shoelaces

Make sure your shoelaces are tied properly. If not, they can easily become tangled in the gears or pedals, and this can cause a serious accident. Wear comfortable shoes that offer support and coverage to keep your feet safe. This means you will want to avoid wearing flip-flops or strapless footwear.

Check The Weather First

Before heading out on your bike, take a minute to check the local weather. Florida summers can be hot and rainy. Check the temperature outside, and see if there are any storms on their way to your area. Even if it is cloudy outside, you should still put on some sunscreen and avoid too much direct sunlight.

Street And Sidewalk Riding

Riding your bike through neighborhoods is often the safest way to go because the streets in a neighborhood aren't typically as busy as highways or main roads. You may also have the added bonus of tree-lined streets for some shade.

Also, the safest place to ride your bike is on the street. This is because bicycle riders are expected to follow the same traffic laws as vehicle drivers do. However, if the rider is a young child and cannot fully make proper safety decisions, you may want to encourage them to ride on the sidewalk until they are older..