A Poorly Loaded Or Strapped Truck Could Put You In Need Of The St. Pete Lawyer

Most of us have only seen truck rollovers or collisions in the movies, and we prefer to keep it that way. Unfortunately, not all drivers are so lucky, and they have dealt with these happenings up close and personally. Our society relies on trucking companies to keep products readily available for consumers, but still, most drivers can't stand to be next to the vehicles on the highway. People have their reasons, but these feelings usually stem from traditionally sized passenger vehicles being minuscule when compared to 18-wheelers. These machines are built to carry heavy machinery, timber, and virtually anything else that can be loaded onto a trailer. However, an improperly loaded truck is a recipe for disaster. Common issues that lead to accidents include...

• Worn-out straps of inadequate strength
• Loads that exceed the vehicle's limit
• Improper maintenance
• Shipments that are not properly balanced

Wrecks involving trucks can be some of the most unforgiving kinds. They happen for countless reasons, but the most common one is fatigued driving. When a person becomes sleepy, or their reflexes unalert, swerving between lanes is a real possibility. Other cars and even pedestrians in the vicinity can get hit by the vehicle. Cuts and bruises with aches are some of the minor ailments that may present themselves. However, the high rate of speed in which these trucks travel, along with their massively loaded trailers, typically make damages much worst. Traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis, and loss of life are real dangers posed by these accidents.

An improperly balanced load can result in a rollover, even around the mildest of curves. These drivers travel to different locations almost daily, and unless they are local, or familiar with the area, they have no idea what awaits them on our St. Petersburg roads. All it takes is one wrong zig when they should have zagged, for lives to change instantly. Offset cargo can cause the truck to begin to tip, and once this action starts, there is usually no way to stop it from happening. Any person in the immediate area is thrust into harm's way.

Straps and tarps are required to secure the freight, but over time these devices start deteriorating from overuse and the weather. Almost everyone in our great nation has seen the giant concrete culverts, cable or wire spools, and other oversized loads heading down the street. Not many of us can imagine driving along while one of them is barreling at the car though. Swerving to miss the object is a problem in itself, which can cause you to crash into something else, sustain injuries, or inflict damages upon another party.


The St Pete Lawyer Is Here To Help


If you or a loved one becomes injured in a trucking accident, and it can be proven that a negligent act or reckless driving is to blame, you may be entitled to a fair compensation amount for your wounds, or another's wrongful death. Getting healthy and reaching a full recovery is the optimal goal, but often financial issues stand in the way of receiving physical therapy or medical treatment. Our St. Pete lawyer has been practicing in Florida since 1987. He has the ability and reputation to take cases the distance, but often a settlement is reached before getting in front of a jury. Don't get stuck with large doctor bills, which occurred from no fault of your own. Instead, contact our firm to fight for the monetary sum that you need and deserve..