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can-i-sue-after-im-injured-from-a-fall Michael Babboni Dec/02/2019 Michael Babboni

Can I Sue After I’m Injured From A Fall?

If you slip and fall in Florida you may need compensation for your injuries. These accidents fall under Florida’s personal injury law which can be a bit difficult to understand. However, our team is here to help you understand your rights and what yo...

types-of-claims-after-an-accident Michael Babboni Nov/21/2019 Michael Babboni

Types Of Claims After An Accident

A car accident is one of the last things you’d want to be involved in but sadly, accidents are very unpredictable. One moment, you’re safely driving. The next, you could be in pain after suffering injuries from a car crash. It’s a debilitating event...

the-biggest-questions-after-a-workplace-accident Michael Babboni Nov/14/2019 Michael Babboni

The Biggest Questions After A Workplace Accident

Accidents happen anywhere, at any time as such is their nature. Even at work, you aren’t always safe. Regardless of how safe a business owner says his establishment is, there is still a chance that you could end up getting hurt either because of the...

a-closer-look-at-wrongful-death-lawsuits Michael Babboni Oct/30/2019 Michael Babboni

A Closer Look At Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Few things are as difficult as losing a loved one. When it happens, it can leave the rest of the family struggling to pick up the pieces and move on, and nothing can ever truly fill the void that they leave behind. But in situations where the death w...

will-your-case-go-to-trial Michael Babboni Aug/27/2019 Michael Babboni

Will Your Case Go To Trial?

When you’re hurt in an accident your entire life can be changed in an instant. Suddenly, you’re no longer physically healthy and financially stable – you’re facing a long road to physical recovery due to injuries, and mounting debt and bills from the...

what-is-alternative-dispute-resolution Michael Babboni Aug/22/2019 Michael Babboni

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

When it comes to workers’ compensation disputes, Florida law required both parties in the dispute go through mediation before a claim can be presented to a judge. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has been utilized by the Florida court system to r...

the-challenge-of-a-fair-settlement-after-a-tbi Michael Babboni Aug/19/2019 Michael Babboni

The Challenge Of A Fair Settlement After A TBI

Florida is home to millions of people, and visited by even more every single year. So many people sadly means that accidents will happen from time to time. Whether they’re on our roads or on the property of someone, these accidents can quickly change...

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