Top 5 Things To Avoid After An Auto Accident

When you're involved in an accident, it can be a whirlwind of emotions, stress, and steps that you feel like must be taken. Knowing what to do after an accident is important, and failing to take the right steps can often make it harder to reach a full recovery because it could impede your ability to get the financial compensation needed to offset the costs of an accident.

And while knowing what to do is important for anyone injured in an accident, it's also important to avoid certain things as well. There are five things in particular that you should avoid doing after an accident.

One: Avoiding Medical Treatment

Even if you don't seem to be injured, it's important to go see a medical professional following an accident. There are a few reasons for this:

  • PIP coverage only covers your injuries if you seek medical attention within the first 7 days following an accident.

  • Some injuries can take weeks to manifest.

  • Visiting a medical professional helps create a record of your injuries and your actions after an accident, making it easier to show that you deserve compensation.

In short, those involved in any auto accident need to get medical help immediately, even if they don't feel as though they're injured.

Two: Accepting A Settlement Immediately

Settlement offers can feel like a great opportunity to get fast relief from your financial burdens. But often, those settlement offers are made as a way to get out of paying what you're actually owed. Lowball offers are common, and once you accept one your right to seek compensation will essentially end.

It's important to avoid accepting a settlement unless you know for sure that you are getting an amount that is truly fair for you.

Three: Giving Up Hope

This goes along with the point above. After an accident, it's common for insurance companies to stall on paying out anything and to force you to jump through hoops. This, in turn, can lead to a feeling of desperation, which in turn makes it more likely that you'll accept the first settlement you're offered. Additionally, it can make it much more stressful to go through the days following an accident. Simply put, don't lose hope. You have options and rights.

Four: Using Social Media Incorrectly

Social media can ruin an accident settlement claim in a big way. A single photo of you dancing, for example, can be used to show that you aren't really injured - even if it's a photo from two years ago. It's important to use social media intelligently following an accident.

Five: Not Getting An Attorney

All of this combines to lead to this one mistake, and it's vital not to make it. An attorney can help ensure that you don't make any of the mistakes above, and can also help guide you through the process of getting what you're owed in compensation.

Our team is here to help you get the restitution that you deserve. With our attorneys on your side, you stand a much better chance of making a total financial, physical, and mental recovery from your injuries. Contact us today to get a free initial consultation.