What To Do After A Florida Hit And Run Accident

Florida has over 92,000 hit and run accidents every year. Of those, 92,000 accidents, there were over 19,000 injuries and 186 fatalities as a result. These statistics are incredibly shocking, but they highlight how common hit and run accidents are in the state of Florida. Even being so common, most drivers do not know what to do following a hit and run accident. Here are the steps to take to help protect yourself after a hit and run.

Get To Safety

The first thing you need to do is get yourself
and your passengers to safety. If you or anyone is severely injured, you need
to seek medical treatment immediately. If you or your passengers are not in
need of medical attention, make sure to get everyone to safety out of the way
of the accident.

Contact The Police

Call the police right away and let them know what
happened. Hit and runs are illegal in the state of Florida, so the police need
to be notified right away. The sooner they know, the faster they can begin
looking for the perpetrator of the accident.

Remain At The Scene

The temptation after a hit and run is often to
follow the other driver and try to hunt them down. This an be very dangerous
for you, your passengers, and even your vehicle. Not only can it exacerbate
your injuries and property damage, but you don’t know what the person fled.
They may be a dangerous criminal trying to avoid getting in trouble for other
illegal activities. Instead, remain at the scene. The police will handle the
pursuit of the other driver.

Make Notes Of The Details

Try to take notes about everything you remember

●    The vehicle make, model, color, and year

●    The license plate number, even if partial

●    Identifying marks on the vehicle like damage
from the accident, bumper stickers, or unique vehicle features

●    The driver and passenger’s appearance
including estimated age, gender, hairstyle or color

If there are any witnesses to the accident, try
to find out what they saw and remember from the accident. They may have got the
plates while you were processing what happened. When the police arrive, provide
them with all the details you’ve collected.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if your injuries do not seem severe, you
always want to seek medical attention after an accident. There are several
injuries like spinal, neck, and brain injuries that do not show symptoms until
weeks after the injury. Seeking medical attention is important to protect your

Contact Your Insurance Company

Whether or not the police are able to find the
driver, you will still want to contact your insurance company and let them know
what happened. There are many insurance coverages that can help you pay for
your damages. Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to Personal Injury
Protection (PIP). This legally-required coverage will help pay your medical
bills. Under Florida law, you can also make hit and run claims under your
uninsured motorist coverage. Finally, if you have “full coverage” or collision
coverage, it can help cover the cost of your vehicle damage.

Contact An Attorney

The insurance process after a hit and run
accident is very challenging. An attorney can help you navigate the process to
ensure that you get compensation for your injuries. We will work with
witnesses, the police, and your medical professionals to prove the full value
of your claim and fight to help you get the most compensation possible.

Hit and run accidents can be a really traumatic
event, but you don’t have to face them alone. Instead, contact The St. Pete’s
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