Teen Driving Tips for Summer Safety

With summer fast approaching, your teens are probably itching to borrow the car and partake in many summertime adventures with their friends. However, before you hand over those keys, we have a few teen driving tips for summer safety to share with you so you can have some peace of mind knowing that they will practice better and safer driving habits during their break.

Side note: these teen driving tips can also apply to adult drivers as well!

The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day have been touted as the most dangerous for teen drivers. This is when the highest percentage of auto accidents take place because the roads are filled with other teens, vacationers, tourists, and the like.

You also have college students coming and going from school during this time, and those who may be a bit unfamiliar with the area. All of this can result in auto collisions.

So, here are some tips to keep in mind this summer:

Watch Your Speed

When you are driving through a neighborhood, on a highway, or simply backing up, watch your speed and pay attention to your surroundings. Watch for children and pets and other cars that may be passing by. The majority of car accidents are caused by fast and aggressive driving behavior. The plus to watching your speed? It can help with your gas mileage, which puts more money back in your pocket for summer fun.

Take Your Time

If you think you are going to be late for an event or other engagement, then allow yourself some extra time. Don't rush because this can result in speeding, which can ultimately lead to an accident.

Respect Others on the Road

You also need to remember that you aren't the only one on the road, and you are not the only one with places to be. Respect others  especially the bigger vehicles that are on the road. Bigger trucks have bigger blind spots that you will want to avoid falling into. So, if you can't see the truck's mirrors, you are following too closely, and you need to increase your distance.

Stay Focused

Distracted driving is another common cause of accidents, especially with teen drivers. Stay off your phone and save the texts and phone calls for when you are safely stopped at your destination. You should also avoid eating and drinking and engaging in any other activity that would take your focus and attention off the road - even for a second.

Prepare Your Car

Finally, before a summer road trip or summer fun, you should always prepare the car. Test the car's battery. Hot weather can put excess strain on your battery, and if it is more than three years old, you may want to get it looked at and replaced.

Oil changes are also important as well as regular tire inspections. Your tires should be in good condition and are critical to the overall safety of your vehicle.

Next, monitor your fluid levels and keep a basic roadside emergency kit in your car at all times. These kits often include jumper cables, a flashlight with batteries, paper towels, antifreeze, and a small first aid kit.

If you follow these simple tips, you will find that you can stay much safer on the road during summer break. However, if you follow these tips and still find yourself the victim of a car accident, then it may be in your best interest to discuss your case with a qualified accident attorney so you can get the compensation you deserve for any injuries or damages sustained during the accident..