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useful-info-about-car-accidents-and-compensation Michael Babboni Apr/08/2020 Michael Babboni

Useful Info About Car Accidents And Compensation

Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons. One example is that of drunk driving. A person could throwback multiple alcoholic beverages during a night out on the town. Then, he or she might make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of their car...

stats-about-crashes-involving-18-to-20-year-olds Michael Babboni Apr/06/2020 Michael Babboni

Stats About Crashes Involving 18 To 20-Year-Olds

Accidents can occur to anyone and at any time. For example, a driver who barely received his/her learner's permit could wreck with mom or dad in the car. Then again, a teen with a license, who is not obligated to ride with an adult, might get involve...

how-to-take-photographs-after-a-car-accident Michael Babboni Mar/31/2020 Michael Babboni

How To Take Photographs After A Car Accident

When you are battling with the insurance companies for a fair settlement, you will need lots of evidence to prove your claim. One of the best types of evidence is photographic evidence. Photographic evidence of the scene of an accident can help estab...

auto-accident-ptsd-an-invisible-damage Michael Babboni Mar/25/2020 Michael Babboni

Auto Accident PTSD: An Invisible Damage

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychological disorder associated with severe trauma. PTSD is most often associated with combat veterans, but it can also develop in anyone who’s experienced a traumatic event like a vehicle accident. PTSD i...

3-ways-to-find-an-auto-accident-lawyer-in-florida Michael Babboni Mar/24/2020 Michael Babboni

3 Ways To Find An Auto Accident Lawyer in Florida

Recovering from the vehicular collision is just one of the big worries that most individuals have, especially after a car accident. Another issue they may face is ensuring that they find an auto accident lawyer who understands Florida’s laws. Becaus...

3-tips-to-prove-the-blame-in-florida-car-accidents Michael Babboni Mar/23/2020 Michael Babboni

3 Tips To Prove The Blame In Florida Car Accidents

When you get into a car crash, the first order of business is assessing who was at fault. If both parties are honest and aware of what happened, the one at fault will already advise on how the damage can be settled. As the issue gets tougher and mor...

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