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why-are-deadly-car-accidents-on-the-rise Michael Babboni Oct/18/2021 Michael Babboni

Why Are Deadly Car Accidents on the Rise?

Even though many people are staying at home or close to home and not driving as much or as far as they used to, we still saw an increase in deadly car accidents on our roadways. There were reportedly 3,000 more car accident deaths during 2020 than th...

how-to-recover-faster-after-an-auto-accident Michael Babboni Oct/13/2021 Michael Babboni

How To Recover Faster After An Auto Accident

Car accidents have physical, mental, and financial toll on those involved, especially on those who sustained serious injuries. If you or a family member were hurt in an accident in any way, you must be recovering physically, mentally, and struggling...

most-common-types-of-driver-negligence Michael Babboni Sep/28/2021 Michael Babboni

Most Common Types Of Driver Negligence

In Florida, if you are injured in a car accident, and it’s not your fault but that of the other driver, then you are not financially responsible for your own medical costs. After all, fair is fair, and if someone else caused you to get hurt, then the...

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