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how-an-attorney-can-help-you-after-an-auto-accident Michael Babboni May/07/2020 Michael Babboni

How An Attorney Can Help You After An Auto Accident

Florida's highways, roads, and streets always seem to be hustling and bustling. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), the Sunshine State had 17,392,281 licensed drivers and 17,380,455 registered vehicles in 2018. Of cou...

what-to-do-after-a-hit-and-run-accident Michael Babboni May/05/2020 Michael Babboni

What To Do After A Hit-And-Run Accident

Statistics show that the state of Florida sees over 100,000 hit-and-run crashes in a year. It means that Florida is among the states with the highest rates per capita of fatal crashes involving hit-and-run collisions. When this happens, someone ends...

the-dangers-of-rolling-right-hand-turns Michael Babboni Apr/23/2020 Michael Babboni

The Dangers of Rolling Right-Hand Turns

Not everyone likes waiting on a red light, especially when they are in a hurry. However, it needs to be done to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of those around you. But how often do you roll through your right-hand turns? Before making a...

useful-info-about-car-accidents-and-compensation Michael Babboni Apr/08/2020 Michael Babboni

Useful Info About Car Accidents And Compensation

Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons. One example is that of drunk driving. A person could throwback multiple alcoholic beverages during a night out on the town. Then, he or she might make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of their car...

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