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are-you-a-victim-of-a-hit-and-run Michael Babboni Jan/11/2016 Michael Babboni

Are You A Victim Of A Hit And Run

When you are the victim of a hit and run accident, not only are you feeling the physical pain of the incident, but also a blur of emotions. You may find yourself feel confused and helpless. Why would someone hit you? Even worse, why would they hit yo...

top-5-terrible-motorcyclist-habits Michael Babboni Jan/07/2016 Michael Babboni

Top 5 Terrible Motorcyclist Habits

No matter how much of a “good” rider you are, it’s likely that you have picked up a few bad habits and poor attitudes along the way. These can easily develop over time even without you realizing it. That is until we experience that close call or if y...

7-most-common-car-seat-mistakes Michael Babboni Dec/28/2015 Michael Babboni

7 Most Common Car Seat Mistakes

Despite what you may think, car seat safety isn't child's play. It is all too easy to make a mistake that could cost the safety of your child. That is why we have a list of the most common mistakes for you to avoid when it comes to car seat safety. 1...

what-is-whiplash Michael Babboni Dec/17/2015 Michael Babboni

What Is Whiplash?

When traffic accidents occur, especially ones in which some kind of collision is involved, one of the most common injuries that people sustain is something called “whiplash.” But, exactly is whiplash, and how much does it actually affect you? Is this...

why-you-should-be-collecting-evidence Michael Babboni Dec/09/2015 Michael Babboni

Why You Should Be Collecting Evidence

A long time ago, being able to document an accident or crime was challenging. Many cases ended up being a simple battle of “my word against yours”. This was especially true for personal injury cases where the wounds may have healed by the time you ac...

theres-such-a-thing-as-too-much-caution Michael Babboni Nov/23/2015 Michael Babboni

There’s Such A Thing As Too Much Caution

Beyond the basic rules of the road, every driver needs to be familiar with the principles of defensive driving, the idea that you should watch out for other vehicles which may ignore these rules and act unpredictably. It may rankle you to let these d...

slow-down-for-road-construction Michael Babboni Nov/18/2015 Michael Babboni

Slow Down For Road Construction

As the holidays approach, so approaches the season when many of us pack ourselves into cars and drive for anywhere between a few hours to a few days to visit our friends and loved ones. Spending a lot of time on the road can be stressful, especially...

proper-maintenance-saves-money-and-saves-lives Michael Babboni Nov/17/2015 Michael Babboni

Proper Maintenance Saves Money And Saves Lives

As a personal injury law firm, we’ve seen more than a few cases where a little basic maintenance could have averted a tragedy. With premises liability laws, also known as “slip and fall” laws, a property owner has a responsibility not only to create...

dont-speed-plan-ahead Michael Babboni Nov/16/2015 Michael Babboni

Don’t Speed, Plan Ahead

It’s an accepted fact of life that most drivers in America exceed the speed limit to at least some degree. Civic planners will account for this when it comes to selecting the right speed limit for the right road, and police officers rarely stop cars...

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