Staying Away From Aggressive Or Distracted Drivers Can Prove To Be Beneficial To Your Health

Even the calmest most mild-mannered person can turn to aggressive driving tactics on a bad day. Traffic jams, street construction, or just other driver techniques lead to road rage occurrences and accidents. Distracted driving also takes on a variety of different forms. For instance, a person operating a vehicle that just became informed that a loved one passed away can be lost in their thoughts. Meanwhile, other drivers playing on apps or texting on their smartphones endanger the lives of everyone in the vicinity.

At first glance, these types of actions may not be the easiest to pick up on, but obviously, if a person is holding a burger in one hand, a device in the other, and steering with their knee, it is best to slow down or speed up to avoid them. St. Petersburg is a bustling community that thrives off of tourism, but with additional drivers on the roads, the risks of becoming involved in an accident increase. Along with this growth also comes the higher chances of sustaining an injury. Car crashes leave victims with broken bones, lacerations, and various other damages.

You May Be Entitled To Fair Compensation For Injuries

If one can prove that the negligent acts or distracted and aggressive driving habits of another are to blame, retribution for the loss of work, medical bills, and more might become awarded to the injured party. People do not have to obtain the help of a legal professional to receive a settlement, but often the experience and reputation of our team can prove to be beneficial to your efforts. Insurance companies do not deny that an injured victim deserves a monetary number for pain and suffering endured, but the first amount that they throw out is typically relatively small.

We have the financial means and ability to take your case to trial. However, many times, insurance companies will choose to settle out of court for a fair amount of compensation, rather than allowing us the opportunity to get in front of a jury with our client and witnesses. Avoiding aggressive or distracted drivers is an essential part of staying safe while out on our St. Petersburg roadways, but the task is a lot easier said than done. Not all accidents are avoidable, and drivers with other things on their mind seem to be all around us. Always attempt to keep you, pets, and loved ones safely out of harm's way, but just know that our lawyers are prepared to help should the need arise.

Swerving And Erratic Driving Also Pose Dangers

Weaving in and out of traffic or continuously crossing over lines could be the signs of a driver operating their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you believe this to be the case, stay at a safe distance and contact the proper authorities to handle the situation appropriately. These acts should not be considered snitching because the operator is endangering the lives of drivers, pedestrians, and anyone else in the area. Even if the inadequate driving is simply because of the driver being tired actions need to take place to keep them and others safe..