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the-trial-exhibit-can-make-all-the-difference Michael Babboni May/29/2017 Michael Babboni

The Trial Exhibit Can Make All The Difference

The trial and the theatrics of the courtroom are something that many of us are familiar with at least through the entertainment industry. Unless you’re a lawyer, or participating in a court case yourself, many people have little personal experience w...

texting-is-still-a-problem-on-our-roads Michael Babboni Mar/28/2017 Michael Babboni

Texting Is Still A Problem On Our Roads

As of 2015, in the state of Florida alone, our state and city police recorded over 45000 crashes that were the result of what is called “distracted driving.” This doesn’t mean that the drivers were drunk. On the contrary, in the cast of most distract...

how-responsible-are-you-for-your-childs-actions Michael Babboni Mar/21/2017 Michael Babboni

How Responsible Are You For Your Child’s Actions?

There is that awkward period of time between your child being too young to really take care of him or herself, and not yet being a legal adult, but wanting the freedoms and ability to choose that an adult has. These are, of course, the teenage years....

seat-belts-save-lives Michael Babboni Mar/15/2017 Michael Babboni

Seat Belts Save Lives

It’s a message that most of us have probably heard all our lives if we grew up in a first world nation like the USA, but it bears repeating throughout our lives because it’s such an important message. Wearing your seatbelt can mean the difference bet...

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