How To Write A Demand Letter To The Insurance Company

When you’ve been injured in an accident, you will need to inform the insurance company of all your injuries and associated costs. The most common way to do this is with a demand letter. A well-written demand letter will help prove your claims and get you a fair settlement. Here is how to get started.

What Is A Demand Letter?

A demand letter is an official document that outlines your damages and how much you need to cover the costs. A demand letter provides details, evidence, and demands a lump sum amount based on the circumstances. It is the most important piece of the settlement negotiation process. When you craft your demand letter, there’s a lot you need to include.

What Should Be Included In Your Demand Letter

The standard demand letter includes the following elements:

Accident Details: You will start by laying out the details of the accident. Explain what happened and why the other driver was at fault. You should include an outline of evidence that you will present for your claim such as police reports, witness testimony, and other legal documents.

Injuries: Next you will need to describe your injuries. Include a lot of details, talk about everything from the severity of the pain to the impact on your daily life. Try to use exact medical terminology when you can.

Treatment: Next you will need to outline your treatment schedule for your injuries. Include both treatment to date and the treatments your medical provider has recommended for the future. Make sure to talk about all aspects of treatment from doctor’s visits to prescription medicines to surgeries.

Medical Expenses: You will then need to include a list of the costs associated with your medical treatment. Include the details about the provider and the total amount they charged. Also include the costs associated with future treatments and offer a total amount.

Lost Income: Next include your lost income. Explain how much time and why you missed work because of your injuries. When including your lost income, don’t forget to include your lost benefits as well. You will also want to include the lost income in the future. Calculate these costs as a total and explain why you are demanding that figure.

Other Costs: Injuries don’t always just cost money in terms of medical expenses and lost wages. There may be other costs such as emotional stress, strain on your relationships, and even smaller costs like the gas to get to and from doctor’s appointments. Make sure to include all of these things in your demand letter.

Settlement Demand: Once you have detailed all your damages, you will then make a demand for a settlement. It’s a good idea to make this figure higher than you expect because the insurance companies will often use this as a starting point for negotiations and offer you less. A general rule is 75 to 100% higher than you expect.

Documentation: Finally, make sure you include official documentation of all of your claims from police reports to medical bills to statements of income.

Once you have put this all together you can send it to the insurance company. Just make sure to keep a copy of everything for your records.

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Putting together a demand letter can be pretty difficult. Collecting all the evidence, ensuring you are claiming everything, and then drafting the letter is a lot of work. This can be especially difficult if you are recovering from injuries. A personal injury attorney like the St. Peter’s attorney Michael Babboni can help. When you hire him, you won’t have to worry about crafting a demand letter. He will do it for you and include everything you need to prove your claims. Call him today for a free case evaluation to learn more..