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what-you-should-know-about-dog-bites Michael Babboni Oct/06/2015 Michael Babboni

What You Should Know About Dog Bites

Dog is known to be “man's best friend” and is one of the most lovable pets you can have. However, what happens when your “best friend” starts biting or attacking others? Though dog bites are a rare occurrence, it does happen and may constitute a pers...

5-safety-tips-for-the-average-motorcyclist Michael Babboni Oct/05/2015 Michael Babboni

5 Safety Tips For The Average Motorcyclist

It is no wonder why motorcycles are so popular in Florida. With all the wonderful warm weather all year round, it makes it both a fun and practical mode of transportation. However, motorcyclists need to keep in mind the extra dangers that come with i...

bullying-and-hazing-dont-have-to-be-inevitable Michael Babboni Sep/28/2015 Michael Babboni

Bullying And Hazing Don’t Have To Be Inevitable

“Boys will be boys.” You’ve probably heard the phrase more than a few times, and on each occasion the speaker uses it to excuse some kind of misbehavior or misconduct. And to be fair, it is true to a certain extent. We all spend our childhoods learni...

beyond-workers-compensation Michael Babboni Sep/23/2015 Michael Babboni

Beyond Workers’ Compensation

Every state in the Union requires even most small employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, which covers workplace accidents under a “no fault” system – that means that it pays out the same regardless of who if anyone is responsible for...

the-difference-between-wrongful-death-and-homicide Michael Babboni Sep/22/2015 Michael Babboni

The Difference Between Wrongful Death And Homicide

As far as unfortunate deaths go, criminal homicide cases get all the glamor. Whether it’s a TV show that follows a homicide detective or a movie about the courtroom drama surrounding a murder, all the attention goes to the criminal case and trial tha...

dont-drink-and-boat Michael Babboni Sep/21/2015 Michael Babboni

Don’t Drink And Boat

You know well enough not to drink and drive. When you’re heading to your favorite bar on Friday evening, you always make sure you have a designated driver or else a taxi service lined up to get you safely home. You know you can’t trust your judgement...

recovering-from-traumatic-brain-injury Michael Babboni Sep/15/2015 Michael Babboni

Recovering From Traumatic Brain Injury

Accidents can come with a lot of physical injury to your body. Worse of all, an accident can do permanent or life-threatening brain damage with little hope of recovery. The amount of people with Traumatic Brain Injury is much larger than most would e...

where-do-the-most-slip-and-fall-cases-happen Michael Babboni Sep/14/2015 Michael Babboni

Where Do The Most 'Slip And Fall' Cases Happen

'Slip and fall', also known as premises liability, is a type of accident that cases you to slip, trip, fall, and other types of accidents due to unsafe conditions in the workplace or public property. Slip and fall cases happen all the time, but some...

what-to-know-about-injuries-from-defective-products Michael Babboni Aug/27/2015 Michael Babboni

What To Know About Injuries From Defective Products

More than 18 million people call Florida home, and every day across the state a wide range of accidents and incidents happen. These accidents can lead to everything from minor injuries to serious, life-altering ones to death. While most of the accide...

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