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will-your-auto-insurance-protect-you-in-accident Michael Babboni Jan/31/2019 Michael Babboni

Will Your Auto Insurance Protect You In Accident?

After 27 years of helping auto accident victims in St. Petersburg, FL we have seen how insurance companies work against victims. After a car accident, most insurance companies focus on protecting their profits over their customers. They use a variety...

how-social-media-can-affect-your-insurance-claim Michael Babboni Jan/02/2019 Michael Babboni

How Social Media Can Affect Your Insurance Claim

If you have been injured in an accident and are in the midst of filing your insurance claim for compensation, then it is important to be aware of what you are posting on social media. Posting the wrong thing online can be extremely detrimental to the...

what-is-insurance-bad-faith Michael Babboni Oct/11/2018 Michael Babboni

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

The goal of insurance, like any law, or business, is, in theory, about a win-win situation between the organization and the customers or clients. An auto repair garage, for example, accepts the money of a customer with a broken car, with the understa...

what-is-a-bad-faith-insurance-claim-denial Michael Babboni Jul/25/2018 Michael Babboni

What Is A Bad Faith Insurance Claim Denial?

“Bad faith” is a legal term in the United states to describe when an insurance company refuses your claim without reasonable cause. Usually, an insurance company has acted in bad faith if it does not fulfill their obligations listed in the insurance...

pip-repeal-stalls-in-florida-senate Michael Babboni Apr/12/2018 Michael Babboni

PIP Repeal Stalls In Florida Senate

After near-unanimous approval in the Florida House of Representatives, a recent bill that would have repealed the state's no fault Personal Injury Protection insurance laws and start changing things towards a fault-based insurance approach like most...

what-happens-if-you-fake-a-personal-injury-case Michael Babboni Apr/03/2018 Michael Babboni

What Happens If You Fake A Personal Injury Case?

For the majority of people that seek the services of an accident lawyer, the motivation is simple. There’s been an injury, it was not your fault, and you want to make sure that negligence of the other party does not go unpunished, so you seek account...

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