Wrongful Deaths Are Often Associated With Truck Accidents

Eighteen-wheeler operators can be negligent just like any other driver on the road. For instance, everybody knows how dangerous it is to text and drive, and yet people, including truckers, still end up reading and writing messages while driving. Doing so takes their attention away from their surroundings, and it can lead to a crash in the blink of an eye.

Big-rig operators may also use drugs or alcohol and try to do their jobs afterward. Of course, those substances and driving don't mix, and they often cause collisions too.

When commercial truckers are reckless and speed, accidents tend to follow. Uneven loads, defective parts, and unmaintained vehicles can produce the same results. Truck/passenger vehicle crashes are some of the worst kinds of accidents. They are unforgiving, to say the very least, and leave participants, especially those in smaller cars, with severe injuries. Damages vary from one incident to the next but often include the following:

• Burns
• Head, Back, And Neck Injuries
• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Loss Of Limbs

A More Horrific Outcome Of Truck Accidents

It is not uncommon for people in passenger vehicles to die after an eighteen-wheeler collides with them. After all, those trucks are larger and heavier than traditional cars, trucks, and SUVs. As such, they turn the autos into mangled messes where drivers and passengers don't stand a chance. If a wrongful death occurs in a crash where negligence was involved, your family could be entitled to fair compensation. No amount of money will ever make up for the loss, but the funds can prove useful in various ways.

For one, when an accident victim receives medical care before their passing, those bills don't merely disappear. Rather, they usually fall right into the laps of their husband, wife, or adult children. Those people must also come up with the money to cover the individual's funeral expenses. According to parting.com, the average North American funeral costs somewhere between $7,000 and $10,000 today. That is a lot of money to come up with on short notice.

Families are left to deal with lost income as well. When an eighteen-wheeler crash takes a household's primary breadwinner before their time, they get stuck between a rock and a hard place financially. Instead of accepting those fates, surviving relatives should contact our office for a free case review. Our lawyer will go over the case with them and determine if they should move forward with a lawsuit against the truck driver or company.

Get The Representation Your Family Deserves

Our truck accident attorney, Michael Babboni, has been practicing law in Florida since October of 1987. He has represented many individuals in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas from then till now and will gladly do the same for your family. Our lawyer is friendly, respectful, and professional, and he has an upstanding reputation throughout the justice system and community. He understands that grieving is the only thing that surviving relatives should be doing after a wrongful death.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Allow him to fight on your family's behalf and hold the negligent party
accountable for your loss..