Why You Should Keep A Post-Accident Journal

Journals are often associated with teenagers who use them to document their thoughts and experiences on a daily basis. Journal keeping has its merits in personal growth, but what many do not know is that journals are vital in car accidents.

What Is A Post-Accident Journal?

A post-accident journal is a regular journal. However, instead of documenting mundane thoughts and experiences, you document your injuries, pain and suffering, and so on following an accident. A post-accident journal serves as a physical record of your experiences after a crash, especially if your case is still being processed. A post-accident journal is strong supplementary evidence for your case, which you can present alongside your medical records and doctor's testimony.

What To Include In A Post-Accident Journal?

Your post-accident journal doesn't have to be elaborate as long as it is clear and legible. Here are the things you should consider recording in your post-accident journal:

Your Account Of The Accident

Ideally, you will document your memory of the accident immediately after. If you wrote this down on your phone or somewhere else, transfer it to your journal to make your documents more organized. Alternatively, if you have not taken notes after the accident, start writing down what you remember. Try to be as accurate as you can.

A Description Of Your Injuries And The Pain You Experience

Document the injuries you sustained and update how they are doing daily—are they getting better or getting worse, or not improving. Likewise, record the pain you feel. You may use the pain scale for a more objective record of your pain. However, supplement this with a verbal description of which parts are in pain, what type of pain you are experiencing, whether it's worse or better than the previous day, and so on.

Your Medical Care

Record your medical appointments as well. Write down the dates and times for check-ups, specialist appointments, treatments, and surgeries. Follow these with a description of what you discussed with your doctor or specialist, what treatments or tests were performed, and any medication prescribed.

Your Injury's Impact On Your Home Life

Discuss in your journal how your injuries affect or disrupt your home life. You may talk about how you are unable to take care of your kids or another family member you were responsible for, how you are unable to do chores, how you miss out on important events, and such. These things affect not only your morale but also your relationship with your family.

Your Injury's Impact On Your Work

If you are still able to do partial work, document what you are able to do in contrast with the past. Relate this to how it affects your career and salary.

If you are unable to do work at all, talk about how your inability to work affects your life. For instance, if you are having financial troubles due to the loss of income.

Strengthen Your Case

You cannot do everything on your own after an auto accident. Your insurance company may make it difficult for you to get the compensation you deserve, the other party may sue you for liabilities you had no fault in, or perhaps you should be the one filing a claim against the other party. A personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg can help you straighten out all these details. Your post-accident journal can help your lawyer understand the gravity of your situation and the appropriate approach to your case.
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