Why Is My Personal Injury Case Delayed?

Contrary to what most believe, many personal injury lawsuits can actually take a long time before they are won and settled. After getting into an accident and filing a case, it can take months and even years before a settlement is agreed upon or one of the parties involved finally take the win. Personal injury lawsuits are more complicated than you might think, and despite the strong evidence presented, there are other factors that can affect them.

If you are wondering why your lawsuit is being delayed, here are the possible reasons behind it:

• Your Medical Treatment And Results Are Not Done Yet - For a case to be closed, the court must know the final and overall damages an accident has caused. This cannot be achieved if your treatment is still ongoing. Unfortunately, most accidents like car collision, slip and falls, and hit and runs can inflict grave injuries. Some of these injuries also have a long-term or permanent effect on the victim’s health. Treatment and therapy can take months before a person is deemed suitable for release. Until this happens, your personal injury case will just be hanging until it can be resumed.

• You have incomplete and missing pieces of evidence - As the investigation goes on, there is a possibility that the evidence you presented is incomplete or does not show enough to prove your innocence. Missing evidence is also a possibility. For instance, the CCTV footage has been deleted and it’s almost impossible to recover it. The investigation will take longer when there is not enough evidence to prove the other party’s fault or that you deserve to be compensated.

• Your Case Involves A Huge Amount Of Money - It is not surprising that the at-fault parties or insurance companies would feel reluctant about letting go of money, especially when a huge amount is involved. In many cases, they may ask you instead of for a settlement agreement wherein you can wrap up the case for a lower price than the initially counted amount of damages. While a settlement can indeed make things move faster, you may be suffering more losses and not get the compensation that you are rightfully due.

This is a common occurrence and situations like these are one of the reasons why you should have a personal injury lawyer by your side. They can properly evaluate if a settlement would be more beneficial or if pursuing your lawsuit could help you reap more from the damage claims.

If You Are Being Uncooperative - Unfortunately, many defendants would refuse to listen to their lawyer’s advice, resulting in them compromising the case. For instance, not providing the needed documents on time, going against your lawyer’s advice, and making decisions without informing your attorney first can land you in trouble that can either make you lose or delay your case further.

It is highly important to listen to your lawyer. Trying to act against or without their advice can turn the tides against you..