Why Is Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Important For My Auto Accident Case?

You’ve been in an auto accident in St. Petersburg, and you think you know what to do. You call your insurance provider, you file a claim, and you get the coverage you need to take care of your expenses – right? While this would be the ideal situation, it’s not always the real situation. Insurance providers in Florida are supposed to take care of the policyholders they cover, but these policyholders need to consider that insurance companies are companies first.

In order to protect their own bottom line, insurance adjusters are trained to minimalize or deny claims where possible. Minimalizing or denying claims allows them to keep more of their premiums as profits, therefore making money for the company. Policyholders may believe that insurance providers are out there working for them, but they find out quickly that these companies really look out for “number one” first.

When you’ve been in an auto accident in St. Petersburg, it pays to have a skilled personal injury lawyer on your side to make sure you can’t be taken advantage of by insurance providers. Insurance companies know when personal injury lawyers are handling the case, and they know that they can’t quite get away with what they could if the injured person is taking on their claims by themselves.

Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many hats a personal injury lawyer wears, and there are many ways they can help you out with your auto accident or other personal injury case. Some specific tasks a personal injury lawyer can accomplish in your case are:

• You have support from the very start of your case – When you seek out the help of a personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg, you have someone in your court from the very beginning. They can help you with everything from evidence collection to locking down your social media profiles; providing complete guidance to ensure you have your very best chance at fair compensation.

• They’ll make your rights clear to you – There is a reason why law is a special area of study – it’s complicated and can often be confusing. For those who don’t study or practice law, your own rights after a St. Petersburg auto or other personal injury accident can be unclear. Your personal injury lawyer can explain and help you to understand your rights, so you know just what you’re entitled to or what you can expect after an accident has occurred.

• They can help you to evaluate the physical and emotional effects of your accident – Perhaps you know what physical injuries were caused by the accident, but what about your recovery time? What about your emotional injuries or distress? These are both important parts of your damages that can be difficult to evaluate. An experienced personal injury lawyer in the St. Petersburg area knows just how to help and figure these factors into your personal injury claim.

Choosing The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

While it’s important to choose a personal injury lawyer to handle your case, that doesn’t mean that any lawyer will do. It’s important to vet your representation to ensure you’re giving your case the respect it deserves. The right personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg will be one with plenty of experience working personal injury cases in the region, and one that makes you feel confident about the success of your case.