Why Are Bicycles Prone To Road Accidents In St. Petersburg?

Many enjoyed riding their bikes around St. Petersburg and they have also started using them as their main modes of transportation. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles now share the road with cyclists. The same can be said for pedestrians on the street. While riding your bike has many benefits, like exercise and being less expensive compared to fares, you should also be aware of the road risks that come with it.

Why are bicycles prone to road accidents?

• Bicycles Are Vulnerable To Bad Weather - If cars and motorcycles are affected by perilous weather, bicycles are especially vulnerable to it. Bicycle riders do not have the same protective covers like doors and windows that can protect them from strong winds, harsh rains, and scorching heat from the sun.

Moreover, bicycles have a lithe build unlike motorcycles, which are slightly sturdier and heavier. It is easier to lose balance on a motorcycle when affected by external influences.

• Bicycle Riders Are Difficult To See Immediately - Without a big vehicle and noisy engines, other vehicles on the road have a hard time spotting them. The poor visibility of bicycles often causes collisions with other cars that would lose them in their blind spot.

Sudden stops and turns from bigger vehicles are very dangerous to bicycles. By the time other motorists spot motorcycles, it would often be too late.

• Cars Refuse To Yield The Right Of Way - While bicycles would share the road with other vehicles, they are still considered pedestrians, and cars should yield the right of way to them. However, there are many instances wherein other drivers would refuse to stop when bicycles are about to cross the street or make a turn.

Many cars would even try to cut in front of bicycles and speed past them instead of letting them pass first. These actions are prone to miscalculations that could lead to serious accidents.

• Distracted Driving - Paired with a bicycle’s poor road visibility, it becomes a recipe for a great disaster. It is already a given that drivers should be on high alert when on the road. Answering texts, calls, and even eating while driving can easily divert a driver’s attention from the other vehicles and people on the highway.

This is true even in residential areas where there are many bicycle riders. When drivers lower their guard in these places, the chances of hitting or colliding with a bicycle increase.

• Bad Road Conditions - Potholes, uneven pavement, and broken glass on the road can easily cause bicycle riders to lose their balance and fall. Bikes lack the toughness of other vehicles that are built with heavy-duty materials. Bicycle riders can also easily sustain injuries from the fall.

It is highly important to keep the roads safe for bicycle riders and pedestrians. However, they are often victims of road accidents for various reasons like the ones above. Let a personal injury lawyer help you recover from the accident. Do not hesitate to reach out to one if this happens..