Who's Ready To Hit The Great Outdoors In Their RV?

Many people can't wait for summertime to roll around because they plan camping trips for that time of year. Others wait until fall approaches to let the outdoor temperatures dip a bit, but that season will be here in the blink of an eye. The point is that after 2020, many folks need to escape reality, at least for a little while, and to do so, tons of individuals/families are camping.

Who can blame them, right? Getting in touch with nature can be relaxing and calming. The act can kick anxiety and stress right to the curb. There are various ways to camp. Some campers elect to rough it and go old-school with tents. Meanwhile, other people rent cabins to take in everything while remaining comfy. Then, there are RV owners who take a piece of home with them everywhere they go.

Of those three selections, the last one will be our focus here today. Camping in a recreational vehicle can ensure that each trip goes off without a hitch. In addition, the unit will provide the owner and their guests with a shelter to combat bugs, rain, and more. People can also lock their stuff up when they go fishing, swimming, or hiking. That's a huge plus because the last thing anybody needs is to return to a campsite and find items missing.

Additionally, sleeping in a cozy bed sure beats sleeping on the ground. These are some of the perks that come with camping in an RV, but as you can only imagine, there are many others. That is a discussion for another day, though. Today, we're here to talk about an issue with Serenity, Wonder, and Unity RVs brought to you by Triple E Recreational Vehicles.

An Increased Risk Of Fire

We provided you with the names of the RVs above; now, we must give you the models as well. Then, we'll get to the actual problem. This dilemma affects 1,173 vehicles manufactured in 2020-2021. The ones in question are as follows.

• Serenity S24CB
• Wonder W24RL, W24MB, W24FTB, W24RTB
• Unity U24MB, U24CB, U24IB, U24FX, U24TB, U24RL

Hence, if you own any of them, please, pay close attention to this next part. These RVs have refrigerators enclosed by wood frames. They also have heat shields to protect the wood from the exhaust produced by the fridges. However, that device may have been installed in an improper place. If that's the case, the wooden frame can get charred and discolored. Once that happens, the risk of fire increases.

When flames erupt while you and your guests are inside the vehicle, people could get injured or even lose their lives. So, be sure to check your model number and get the problem addressed as quickly as possible if you own one of these Unity, Wonder, or Serenity RVs. There is still one more section to cover, so stick around and read on if your interest is piqued. You're not going to want to miss this.

You Might Be Entitled To Fair Compensation

Manufacturers and sellers are responsible for harm that products sold in the marketplace cause. If a defective product leaves you with severe injuries, contact a personal injury attorney to determine if you're entitled to compensation. Doing nothing could stick you with a mountain of bills for doctors, treatments, and therapies. Plus, lost wages might enter the picture if you can't work.

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