Where Do The Most 'Slip And Fall' Cases Happen

'Slip and fall', also known as premises liability, is a type of accident that cases you to slip, trip, fall, and other types of accidents due to unsafe conditions in the workplace or public property. Slip and fall cases happen all the time, but some places seem to have this problem more than others.


Sidewalks, paths, driveways and curbs are all considered walkways and are very common areas for accidents. Small holes, bumps, and uneven walkways are all it takes to cause someone to trip and fall. That added to the walkways already rough and hard surface can easily add up to a very serious injury. Though it may seem like a blameless accident, companies and businesses are liable for the safety and upkeep of their walkways.

Public Pools And Gyms

With all the water from the pool and the showers, most of the surface areas are wet and slippery. This combined with the hard flooring can cause a serious injury with ease. This can be a challenging area to keep safe, but pools are still liable for your safety in most cases. Gyms can also be an accident waiting to happen due to the large amount of equipment found throughout that gives you several things to easily trip over.

Grocery Stores And Other Commercial Retailers

Stores have lots of products that can spill or give you something to trip over. It can be all too easy to drop a jar of spaghetti sauce and create a slippery situation. Products aside, workers can also be part of the problem. Whether they have just mopped the floor and forgot to put up a 'wet floor' sign or did not put equipment away properly, workers can unintentionally create a dangerous situation for others. It is easy to do, but most stores are required to train their workers on how to keep the store safe for other workers and customers alike. Even in situations where a customer created the dangerous situation for someone else, the store is still liable for not taking care of it quickly.

The Workplace

The workplace is typically where you spend a large amount of your time. This greatly increases the chance of a slip and fall happening at work. Though it does depend on the type of place you work at. A job that involves a lot of sitting is less likely to have a 'slip and fall' occur than one that involves a lot of movement or manual labor. Regardless, your company is responsible for your safety.

If your a victim of a slip and fall, seek medical attention immediately. It's important to make sure that any external or internal injuries are treated as quick as possible. Injuries like concussions are not always easy to recognize after an accident and can lead to further health problems if not treated quickly. For the sake of your health, it is truly better to be safe than sorry.

However, that's not the only reason you should seek medical attention. This is also crucial for you to get legal compensation for your injuries. If you did not see a medical professional or at least made an appointment to see one, insurance companies are less likely to believe your claim.

If you decide to seek financial compensation for your injuries and live or work in the St. Petersburg area, don't hesitate to contact our offices and learn more about your legal options.