When Texting Turns Dangerous

We love our mobile phones and smart devices in this country - so much so that it's hard to remember a time when they weren't everywhere. And while they can certainly have a positive impact on our lives, the fact is that at any second of the day there are more than 600,000 drivers trying to use their mobile phones while driving.

That's a huge number, and when you consider that more than 1.6 million auto accidents are caused by distracted driving each year, it becomes a number that is more than just large - it's also incredibly alarming.

Simply put, texting while driving makes it much more likely that you will be involved in an auto accident while on Florida roads. But while you can certainly put down your own phone when driving, what about the millions of others who drive on the highways, interstates, and side roads of our state? There's no guarantee that they are driving without texting, and that means that you may end up being involved in an accident caused by their actions. If this occurs, you may have the grounds to seek compensation.

Knowing Your Rights

Under Florida law, those who are involved in an auto accident that was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else could be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries. And any type of distracted driving can be considered reckless or negligent by the courts. This includes:

  • Texting

  • Social media use

  • Taking photos

  • Changing songs on an Mp3 player

  • Using a GPS feature

  • Making a call

In short, anything that takes a driver's eyes off the road for even a second or two could be enough to be considered reckless and negligent. If this can be shown, you may be able to seek financial compensation for your injuries.

Proving Fault

However, one of the most difficult aspects of getting compensation is actually showing that you are owed it. The insurance companies and representatives for the other party will obviously try to disprove your assertion, and because of this it's important to have a good personal injury lawyer on your side.

An attorney has a deep pool of resources and experience to draw from. Some of the different methods used to show fault and to prove that distracted driving led to the accident include:

  • Accessing statements from police and emergency personnel on the scene

  • Accessing mobile phone records to determine what was happening in the moments before the accident occurred.

  • Using reconstructions of the accident to pinpoint what happened.

  • Reviewing information on the other party from any previous accidents or incidents.

Your personal injury attorney will use all of their tools to find out what occurred during an accident and make certain that you get the compensation you deserve.

Getting The Right Amount

It's also important to remember that any accident can come with a huge number of costs that are often overlooked. While the initial medical bills may be the most obvious point, what about lost wages from work or the future lost wages that will occur due to the injury?

Settlements from insurance companies are often lower than they should be, and injured parties accept them simply because they're afraid it's the best that they can do. But with a Florida accident lawyer on your side, you'll avoid this issue. Your attorney will review any settlement offer and make certain that it includes all of the various expenses that your injuries will truly incur. This way, you don't have to suffer financially in any way at all.

Texting while driving or otherwise using any mobile device while operating a motor vehicle is incredibly dangerous. Until everyone stops doing so, we all run the risk of being injured because of their actions. If this happens to you, contact our law offices today. We'll help fight for your rights and get you the compensation that you deserve..