What You Need To Know About Florida Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The weather, the atmosphere, and the scenery of Florida make it a popular place for motorcyclists. Motorcycle accidents, however, can result in injuries ranging from the minor to the severe, and not every motorcycle accident injury will be apparent immediately following the crash or fall. After being in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to see a medical professional right away (even if you may not think you need to) in order to make sure your physical condition is properly assessed.

Even a minor motorcycle accident can be frightening and quite traumatic. If you’re able, collect evidence on the scene as quickly as possible after being assessed by medical professionals. Exchange information with any other drivers involved while you’re still on the scene. In terms of injury, it may take some time for medical personnel to arrive at the scene, but don’t get impatient if you’re feeling okay. Due to the stress caused after the accident, you’re like to have your sensed dulled by your body’s production of adrenaline.

PIP Insurance And Motorcycle Accidents

It’s important to know that PIP insurance works a bit differently in motorcycle accidents. PIP insurance, while it may cover you in a vehicle and you may have it as part of your car insurance policy, it doesn’t cover drivers of motorcycles in quite the same way. Typically, your medical bills will be covered by the bodily injury insurance of the at-fault driver, and this can be a problem when your accident was caused by the negligence of someone uninsured or underinsured.

If the accident is caused by an uninsured motorist, your uninsured motorist coverage will kick in to cover your injuries. For motorcyclists, carrying through and quality uninsured motorist coverage can mean the difference between having your injuries covered and being unable to recoup your losses. With severe motorcycle accident injuries, this could mean spending years being buried in medical costs.

The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Some motorcycle accident injuries are more common than others, and they have the potential to affect any part of the body. According to the CDC, or Center for Disease Control, about 30% of all nonfatal motorcycle accident injuries occur to the legs and feet, but there is no part of the body that is exempt. Some of the most common types of injuries include:

- Traumatic brain injury

- Spine injury

- Neck injury

- Whiplash

- Fracture

- Dislocation

- Lacerations

- Abrasions

- Tendon or ligament damage

Another type of injury that somewhat deserves its own category is road rash. Road rash isn’t actually a rash at all, but a series of small abrasions caused by the skin rubbing against the surface of the pavement after a fall taking on the appearance of a rash. This type of injury is incredibly common, and many motorcyclists will choose to forego medical treatment and treat their road rash at home.

While road rash may not seem serious, or particularly painful at the time of the accident due to pumping adrenaline, it does deserve to be looked at by a medical professional. Because road rash is a series of abrasions due to skin contact with the ground, it can be highly susceptible to infection. If you fail to see a medical professional and your road rash becomes infected, you may have a much more difficult time seeking compensation for your injuries.

Florida motorcyclists in the St. Petersburg area should be prepared for whatever a life of adventure throws at them. When they’ve found themselves in a motorcycle accident, their experienced and knowledgeable St. Pete’s personal injury attorney is on their side to make they can receive the compensation they deserve..