What You Need to Know About Driving in Unfamiliar Areas

Driving in unfamiliar areas can be tricky and nerve-wracking because you are unclear of the area and may not be up to date on the laws or regulations. You may also find that you don't recognize any landmarks to help you gain your footing and you may have to slow down or stop to read road signs. Doing so may also result in angry and impatient drivers behind you which further adds to the challenge of driving in an unfamiliar area.

The following are a few things to remember when driving in an area you are less than familiar with:

Pay Attention to Traffic Signals, Road Signs, and Speed Limits

You should always pay attention to these signs to ensure that you are within the legal realm while driving. While you may know the posted speed limits and other traffic laws in your area, these may vary in a new location. Paying attention to the road signs can also alert you of any construction, detours, or other hazards you need to be aware of in the area.

Never Solely Go By GPS

Yes, GPS is great when you are driving somewhere new, but it isn't always 100% reliable. Always get secondary directions before you leave home so that you have a back up when you realize that your GPS isn't as accurate as you would like it to be. GPS often fails to pick up on roads that are closed, different traffic patterns, and other road conditions that can adversely affect your trip.

Renting a Car?

If you flew to the location and had to rent a car, then you will want to stick with the type of car you are familiar with; this means sacrificing all those bells and whistles, so you have a reliable and familiar car to drive around in without having to stop and learn new features. Having to discover all these new features can only add stress to the trip when you are already battling with being in an unfamiliar area.

Take the Time to Get to Know the Area

A simple online search can provide you with a lot of valuable information about your intended location. You can gain access to photos, the presence of hills or wildlife, and can also use this information to plan ahead especially when there are tolls you are going to have to pay.

Following all these tips can definitely help you navigate unfamiliar territory and can make the journey much more comfortable and enjoyable. It will also help you avoid getting into an accident because you will be more confident in your turns and won't have to slow down or stop in the middle of traffic to read a road sign or mailbox..