What To Know When Your Child Is Injured At School

The school year has only just begun after a summer vacation of swimming, camping, and other great fun. If you are a parent, especially of a young child, then you are already feeling a low level worry whenever the kids are not around. It is just a normal part of parenthood that all parents need to accept as their child grows up, especially when it comes to sending them off to school.

While a few parents choose to home school their children, the majority of parents will come to a point where their child needs to attend school in order to learn important skills and knowledge for the years ahead. However, this will also mean that your kids are going to be out of your supervision for around 8 or more hours for 5 days out of the week.

While this can be hard to be away from your kids, this is just an important part of parenthood. Besides, you can rest assured that your child is under the supervision of reliable adults that will do everything in their power to keep them safe from harm. However, even within the safety of school, your child may find themselves in harm’s way. Depending on the situation, this harm may even be the result of someone’s negligence which may provide you with some legal options.

Get Your Facts Straight

The first and most important action for you to take is to make sure your child receives the medical attention for their injury. Knowing the type and severity of your child’s injury will allow you to better understand what must have occurred.

Additionally, it is important for you to find out what exactly happened to have caused your child’s injury including what your child was doing at the time, whether any liable adults were present at the time, if there was a known hazard at the scene, whether another child was involved, and etc.

If you find and are able to prove that your child’s injury had been a direct result of the school’s neglect, since the school does have a responsibility towards the safety of their students, then you could have a strong negligence case on your hands. This is especially true if the injury your child had suffered caused them to become crippled and thus is depriving your child of an average adult life.

The Difference Between Public And Private School

Another factor that will need to be taken into consideration is whether your child is attending a public or private school. If your kid is attending and was injured at a private school, then you should easily be able to pursue your negligence and personal injury case.

However, if your child is attending and was injured at a public school, you may have some frustration to look forward to. Since the school is technically considered an entity of the government, you may had some issues with sovereign immunity. Sovereign immunity is a law that prevents citizens from suing agencies and organizations that belong to the state. Still, sovereign immunity can be waived by the government in instances where a clear injustice has occurred.