What To Expect Following An Auto Accident

When you’re injured on Florida’s roads, it can leave you struggling to pick up the pieces of your life and move on. After all, the serious financial burden that injuries can place on a person mean that full recovery is often very difficult to achieve.

That’s why contacting a personal injury attorney is so important – they can help you in the days and weeks following your accident. But what can you expect to occur, exactly? Knowing the basics of what might happen after your accident can help you understand more about why you need a Florida auto accident lawyer and what steps you can take to help them.

After The Accident

If you’re injured in an accident, the first step should be to get the medical treatment that you need. Under Florida law you only have 2 weeks to seek out medical attention. Waiting any longer means that you essentially eliminate the ability to turn to your own PIP coverage for assistance.

There are several other steps to keep in mind as well that can help you protect your rights following your injuries.

  • Keep records of everything. The more documentation, the better. This includes accident reports, medical documentation, prescription medication receipts, and more. All of your costs should be covered when you receive a settlement, and documentation helps make that happen.

  • While medical help is your first priority, when possible try to gather any evidence you can from the scene of the accident. Look at things like police statements, get any witness names, and take photos if possible. All of these things can help you protect yourself and make it easier to recover financially after an accident.

  • Don’t accept settlements until you talk to a lawyer. A personal injury attorney will ensure that you don’t end up accepting a settlement offer that is lower than what you truly deserve. Lowball settlement offers are far too common, so make sure you get what is fair.

Once You Have A Lawyer

Once you’ve found an attorney and they’ve agreed to represent you, the next step is really to wait as your lawyer works to defend your rights. During this time you may still need to meet with your lawyer, but for the most part they’ll take care of the heavy lifting for you.

During this period of time, your attorney will use a variety of resources to help prove that you deserve compensation including:

  • Accident Reconstruction Experts – To help provide a clear look at what occurred during the accident and who was at fault.

  • Camera Footage – Nearby surveillance cameras could be used to get a more accurate breakdown of what occurred during the accident, before it, and after it.

  • Phone Records – using mobile phone records can show if someone was using their phone prior to the crash, which in turn could show whether or not someone acted recklessly or negligently.

  • Medical Expert Testimony – Talking to medical experts can help show the severity of one’s injuries and help make a clearer prediction as to what kind of future costs may be expected to occur.

The bottom line is that having an attorney on your side is important following an accident, and one of the keys to making the kind of financial recovery that you need to continue your life without burden.